I hope you all have a lovely weekend, i'm off to spend it with this boy. Hopefully I will be able to reveal my new project on Monday. Keep Crafty! XOXO

Mysterious Letters is one of the loveliest projects I have ever seen. In April 2009 Lenka Clayton & Michael Crowe sent a personal, handwritten letter to all 467 households in the small Irish village of Cushendall. Along the same lines of 'Post Secret' and 'Found' I just LOVE the hand made creativeness of them. Their intention is to write to everyone in the world...yop can follow their blog at www.mysteriousletters.blogspot.com LOVE!
Recently me and Mr Thomas O Quinn have gotten into bird houses in a big way, just look at these cute ones!

I am so glad it is Friday, looking forward to meeting up with Ally B tomorrow at the Tea party and making mood boards and scrapbooking!


sorry for the lack of substance these past few days, I have been busy on a secret project ( revealed soon! ) Also last night Tom, our friends Jon, Julie and I threw a surprise birthday party for our lovley friend Liz! we hid in the dark for about half an hour then posed with party poppers for another 5 whilst we waited for her to enter the room. Was such a fun night with lovely people, there was fireworks, sushi, cakes and G&T's!

things that are making me smile today

this one from my boyfriend - stuffchristianslike.net

Olivia Bee

Kat Maceod


craft spaces

ohwee i am litrally lusting after these craft spaces..oh well some more to cut out and stick in the scrap book of dreams

my new website

www.moonbeatle.webs.com - check it out and pass it on! xoxo

Behind every clever girl there is a man with glasses and a beard

This was taken in the summer, we had a lovely day going round the markets and went to drink cider on the apple boat. We spotted these glasses, when you look through them you can see 3d hearts around every thing you see!


A Soft Cloud

LOVE - So beautiful - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ninon_taniapat

amazing owl masks! i died of cuteness

'Ruthie and Vornie are, in real life, hardened criminals. They met one beautiful May morning when they both tried to hold up the same bank, with hilarious consequences. After many hijinks, affairs and daring doos, the police finally caught wind of them when the audacious pair decided to wear four inch Manolos on their attempt to steal the Mask of Agamemnon from the Greek National Museum. They escaped... But barely...

Licking their wounds, the girls fled back to Bath, UK, home of Jane Austen, Romans and the stuffy Middle Classes. After a month of subsisting only on nuts and berries, and not wanting to risk blowing their cover by thieving, they found a dusty old sewing machine and decided to make pretty things to sell so that they could buy bread, milk, gin and other such essentials.' search them out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/PunchDrunkPrincess. so brilliant i die!

A Look Only You Would Understand

When me and Tom first moved into our flat, we put up this framed picture in the kitchen. Tom found it in the magazine 'Bearded' and cut it out but i never knew who it was by. Evryone who see's it thinks its a picture of us and i love that :) so i was SO exited to stumble across the artist today whilst browsing cuteness on Etsy and even more to find out she does custom portraits!!

The artist is Ashley G and her work is just stunning! you can find it here - http://www.etsy.com/shop/ashleyg

I am feeling inspired today! If only i wasnt stuck in the office, just wanna pick up my needle and thread and sew..


one of the films i’m looking forward to most is the release of tim burton’s alice in wonderland.

so it stands to reason that i would love these wonderland-inspired underwater photographs by elena kalis. Just beautiful!

illustrated marriage proposal

As we are coming up to valentines day it seems fitting to feature this. I found the story on 'design sponge' and egad this is just too sweet to comprehend!

'illustrator joel kimmel proposed to his girlfriend of five years, chantal bennett, on new year’s eve 2010 by writing and illustrating a short story – the final page revealed an antique brass ring with a coral art nouveau design that was hidden inside the book! my favorite part of the story is that chantal, also an illustrator, and joel work side-by-side every day – so joel was working on the 20+ illustrations for the proposal while sitting right next to her! '


One of my new favorite designers, i just happened to bag me a dress at the begining of the year and am hooked!

Darimeya was founded in 2003 and has since taken the fashion world by storm with its signature feminine prints and quirky style.

Short and sweet dresses satin, jersey or knit have an unmistakable vintage vibe but the super-cute original prints bring the pieces bang up to date.

All of the prints are created by Darimeya, making each design individual. The inspiration for the prints comes from around the world. Influences of Oriental luxurious fabrics can be seen in the Darimeya collections. With only around fifty of each design produced, every Darimeya dress is chic and unique.



Lush Owl dress from 'Peoples Market' and its now reduced to £23..LOVE roll on payday! ( you can find this dress on ASOS at the reduced price )

Alison Cole's beautiful house

Take a look at illustrator Alison Cole's beautiful house. Courteously of Design Sponge she has given a sneak peek of her home. Loving the macs sitting side by side at her desk too :)


Tonight i shall be folking it up at the Temwa charity folk event. Temwa is a UK-based organisation that raises funds to implement community-based projects in Malawi, southern Africa.


cute owlness

Today's Owl comes courteously of channel four and their 'Christmas gifts for craft lovers section' ( Ok so I a little bit slow on the uptake here, but I thought they were so cute they needed a mention however late! )www.channel4.com/4homes/christmas

Shake it like a

Funny how a picture can look so much more beautifull when it is taken with a polaroid. This picture is by Saums and you can find it at photobucket.com/saums1810

Why Monsters Cant Have Nice Things

How cute! - www.teefury.com.


Todays Owl comes from Sonia Romero a full time artist living and working out of North East Los Angeles. She also has a blog www.SheRidesTheLion.com. where you can find out more about her work.

CoCo Designs

Wowee! how incredible are these creatures made by Etsy seller ' coco designs '!?. I cant quite tell if they scare me a little but they are definitely unique and expertly sewn. Coco Designs motto is USING ANYTHING AGAIN and lots of her pieces are made from things found or recycled. You can see her full collection at -www.etsy.com/shop/cocoondesigns


I was first introduced to Marimekko fabics when a Finnish friend of mine came to live with me for a while. She dressed her little boy Elijas in a beautiful Marimekko apple design jumpsuit and it was one of the cuteset things i have ever seen. As you can see they dont just do fabrics but also clothes and acsessories - www.marimekko.fi



The artwork of Charmain Olivia is stunning. The 'deer wearing gym socks' has to my favorite but there are so many beautiful prints to choose from its hard to single one out. You can find her work at www.charmaineolivia.com


For any fan of fashion and vintage THIS is the for you. She describes her collections as 'Not only a neverland of nostalgic addiction but also a fashion stage exploring different retro styles, MiME vintage keeps on sharing with you...' It is simply stunning. You can buy her pieces at ebay.com/Mime-vintage-and-new-finds or on her Etsy site.

DIY Ideas

I love the idea of 'doing it yourself' I think that it makes your home so much more unique if you have individual pieces made by hand that no one else will have. So I love this idea by craft artist Jane Joss. You can find a step by step guide on how to made these material flowers at - http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/07/diy-project-jane-joss-recycled-quilt-flowers.htmlor check out their Etsy site!
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