Secret Telling Party

This post is inspired by Silje's secret telling post.
Things you didnt know about me...
I am appallingly shy and terrible at meeting new people

I dream about being a mummy some day

When i was 8 i contracted i often deadly form of meningitis / septicaemia and was told a was half an hour away from death.

despite the best intentions I do have several regrets in life

That being said I have never been more happy than I am now

My dream would be to open my own little shop selling bits i'd made and flea market finds

Tigerlilly xoxo


Just a quick post to say, all of those who havnt seen 'Up' yet, do! So beautiful ( although I did cry lots! ) xoxo


How My Heart Behaves

A little doodle I did when listening to 'How My Heart Behaves' by Feist

(How her heart behaves)
The rain rain making me cry
(How her heart behaves)
Then the wind comes
Fanning my yellow eye
(How her heart behaves)
The waves wave the waves wave
This is how my heart behaves

lets have a tea party!

cuteness! - Nina from ninainvorm at etsy. dont you just want to go have a tea party with all your stuffed toys? xoxo
I am all exited today as I have almost finished my IOTA order! Just the little orange owls to do now and I was thinking of dropping off an owl doorstop as well to see if they might like them. Fingers crossed it all goes well and people love! xoxo

Emma Hanquist

New Illustration crush -

Emma's main source of in­spi­ra­tion is pic­tures that she finds on the in­ter­net; fam­i­ly va­ca­tion pho­tos from the six­ties, hand coloured pho­togra­phies from the be­gin­ning of the 1800s or pic­tures of un­in­ten­tion­al still lives. She prefers to work with ana­logue hand­made tex­tures and draw­ings com­bined with dig­i­tal imag­ing to cre­ate in­ter­est­ing sto­ries.


new vintage button hair-clips

ch ch check it out! Hope you like xoxo

The best mug ever

Just a quick post to say I LOVE this knitted mug cosy from my sister in Law Joc. It is the biz for drinking hot chocolate!

into the sea, you and me

I am going for a Sea Life theme today as we went to the aquarium on the weekend. It was SO cool! Here are some other sea lifey things i am loving...Octo T
Love this Jelly!

Me and Tom

This 'mazing sharky poster!

The rad glasses we got to wear for the show

Sting Ray wall stickers

And the Sting Ray ring I got from the gift shop, Loves! xoxo

some sad news my friends..usually I am able to blog as I please during the day but my work have blocked my internet acsess! I will still be able to catch up in the evening but its still a shame..i pretty much feel like this right now...


I know I have mentioned her before but i really really really like Ashley G's work!I cant believe Tom first introduced me to her work through a print in 'Bearded' magazine. xoxo

kooky knits

I am loving these knits by Yokoo the big gold chains are the business! So cute I die xoxo

i heart stationary!

butterfly paper clips

lovely little envelopes

Isnt tape amazing?

To make all your little to do lists..*sigh*
I really want to go send a lovely letter now! xoxo


Little things that make me smile

Interesting displays

cupcakes ( although Ally's are the best )
The way my boyfriend will always walk home the way with the cobbled street even though it is longer, because it is prettier.
owls of course
Ice cream on a sunny day

knowing that I am loved and that I am in love

Style Crush

I always preferred Penelope Tree's look in comparison to Twiggy. I just love the sixties..thinking of going for a blunt sixties fringe but they are so hard to maintain...



How lush would it be to have an office full of unusual stamps? I love letter writing and receiving snail mail, there is something so lovely about the simplicity of an inked image on plain paper. These stamps are from Jack Bear

DIY Bookcase

Loving this idea from Country Living made from drawers of old dressers to make a new funky one! Check out their site to find a step by step guide of how to make it. I am loving the colour scheme too, so retro. xoxo

Be Colourful

Wow I think this image just about sums me up! ( ATC )

Love and Marriage

I have some lovely news, Tom's big sister Ellen got engaged to her long term boyfriend Strody last night! They are such a lush couple, I'm so exited for them! ( images courteously of Daydream Lily ) xoxo
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