OK this no internet at work thing is really...rubbish and definitely not working for me. But on a brighter note I have ordered my I Phone today so hopefully I can get back into the loop from Friday and should be able to get back to some proper posts then! How are you all dealing with the time change? It it really killing me! SO glad it is a four day week! Well think we are spending the evening with a take away and our Battle Star Galactica box set ( yay! ) hope you all have a good Tuesday..mid week ( kinda ) xoxo


Its actually true and I'm ok with that


Sorry for lack of proper posts peeps..busy busy busy..Monday tomorrow, how did that happen?! xoxo




New noodle oodle doodle

I think I'm going through a bit of a woodland animal theme! xoxo
OK this is a bit of a silly post but whilst browing though Design Sponge i spotted this cute house

and started thinking how much it makes me smile when I see objects that look like faces. So this is a purely random post to make you smile on a Friday!

Click here for more. Ok now I will grow up and get on with some work. Happy Friday! xoxo


Thursdays doodle ..

Hope you like? xoxo

The best day...

Good Morning! Yesterday was the BEST for a number of reasons. The bestest was that I got my work featured in Bristol Culture! Here is a little sneak peek but you should really go check out their site as it has lots of great things on there.

I LOVE living in Bristol it is such a exiting city!

The second good thing was that me and Thomas went to go see this really great exhibition at the museum. It is by an artist called Alinah Azadeh and the idea was to ask the public to give objects they once valued, but were ready to let go of. They would then write a little piece about what that object meant to them.

You can see more the exibition here. XoXo


Afternoon doodle..

I forgot my sketch book today but I kinda like the note pad effect :) xoxo

Tattoo Transfers *swoon*

I keep changing my mind when it comes to tattoos. Sometimes I think I definitely do want one and other times not..so this is the perfect solution..transfers!

So amazing I love these by Julia Pott


Secret Places..

Images found here

Lunch time drawing

I was thinking today to get back into drawing I will try and do a sketch a day. This is todays one..i love Foxes xoxo

The greatest thing you can ever learn..

Is just to love and be loved in return..


My Cardboard Life

Isnt this such a great idea? I just love them! xoxo


Artists that I am finding inspiring - and making my Tuesday morning a lot better

Sarah McNeil

Julianna Swaney

Sparkle Hen


Oh Monday

Monday again! Yesterday I went to the cutest craft fayre, I bought a necklace from this lovely lady, I just love her work its so 'Alice in Wonderland'. There were so many talented people there, here are my top picks..

Sarah Knight


Taylors Type

There were SO many more that I cant fit in, Bristol is a great place for art! xoxo


lets knit the world lovely


Nothing better than a bit of vintage shopping before lunch..check out this great Etsy store. Loving the retro cooking cards! xoxo

Morning Doodle

Hope you like, happy Friday! xoxo


Kiss Me Cakes

I am lucky enough so have grabbed 10 mins with the lovely Ally Bradley of Kiss Me Cakes, to ask her 20 ( ok 12 ) questions! Here is what she has to say..

Q- Do you remember when you first started baking? Or did the cake-love come first?

A-With My Greek Yia Yia (Granny) & Mama when I was about 6- We baked a traditional sweet cake, a bit like a BRIOCHE, but 100% Yummier

Q- Who and/or what inspires your baking endeavours?

A- My GOLDEN Mammy

Q- How do you think your Greek heritage has influenced your repertoire?

A- Greeks Just LOVE Food and Cooking and Eating and Sharing..

Q- Have you ever had any wretched baking disasters?

A- A couple of Major Disasters, cakes ending up on the floor. Buttery fingers!

Q- If money were no object, what would your dream kitchen be like?

A- Best Q so far.. This is her

Q- what do you do to get into the 'zone' to bake?

A – French Jazz, Favourite Apron on, Materials & ingredients all ready, Pristine Kitchen ready for a bake off. Bit OCD with cleaning..

Q- If you could know something two years ago that you know now what would it be?

A Save the Golden £££’s

Q- Many of your cupcakes are very intricately decorated. How long does it take you to make your cupcakes? What are the main ingredients you use for decorating?

A – Prep and Baking is pretty straightforward and lasts up to 2 hours. Décor is the tick tock timer, each cup has approx 3 minutes of Love. Creamy Tea in between Cup batches.

Q- What flavor cupcakes are your favorites to make?

A – Ultimate Cups are my Blueberry Cheesecakes with lemon curd & poppy seed’s

Q- What’s your dream cupcake catering job?

A- A Shabby Chic, traditional Cakery/Café

Q- What do you have coming up next?

A- It’s all Cakey Business now, am going to inject Full energy and Positivo vibes in the next year, and hopefully be one step closer to the mini Cakery

Q - Please can you make me an owl cupcake? ;)

A- ehhhh 1 Zillion % Moonbeatle! x
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