Why I love fashion.

..because it is totally..bonkers!!

I apologize for the amount of fashiony posts recently but I think I'm in that kinda mood you know? Hope you all have a really great bank holiday weekend! xoxo


I wish I could be a housewife..

..If it meant looking this cool (not the smoking part though!)


I'm not %100 sure I mean that but sometimes being a desk slave makes me think!

I guess I just..

really like you?


Russian Owl Lady

New illustration! I am thinking it might look good on T's? What do you think? Oh and also the 'Crafty Like A Fox' original is now on my Etsy, check it out!

Thomas and I are having a major cleanathon at the flat tonight for an inspection!I am kinda glad though as it gives up the excuse to really blitz the place and things can be tidy again for drawing and painting and sewing!

Here are some of my favorite craft spaces ( which my desk NEVER looks like! )


Maybe if I tidy enough I can show you what my space looks like? xoxo

Times are hard for dreamers..

Yesterday me and Ally Bradley of the lovely Kiss Me Cakes went to a business event morning. I have to say that although some points were helpful it didn't fill me with hope and enthusiasm, quite the opposite in fact.

I am finding more and more that It is so hard to justify to people that working as an artist is a viable business..I have no illusions that it will be really really hard but I have to believe that one day I can call myself a professional illustrator and that my work can support me..

Have any of you felt disheartened when trying to make a living with your arts or crafts?

Sorry for the rather melancholy tone to this post! Up beat ones will resume, after all I have many many things to be thankful for!

Thanks for reading xoxo


Things I think would make my life better today..

.. A silly post for a girl who is practically living the dream :)

Eating colourful cake in vintage dresses

A road trip and a camping expedition ( this image reminds me of my mummy, she used to be such a swinging hippie chick! )

A kitty *sigh*

Some animal crayons and a super cute polaroid to capture it all!

What would you rather be doing today? xoxo

Crafty like a..

As you may be aware I am pretty obsessed with Foxes at the moment! So I have made a new illustration that I am selling as a ONE OFF ORIGINAL. Soon to be on my Etsy so will keep you updated. Hope you like?

'I wish I had a pair of little magic glasses..

..That I could see the future just by looking through
Then I could know what road tomorrow's gonna take me down
And I could see if I'll be walking down that road with you' - Johny Cash

Oh Hi Monday

Hello mon pals!

Hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend? Friday was just SO lovely, we went for Greek food with Tom's sisters at a restaurant we hadn't tried before and had lots of nice food like hallumi and aubergines ( egg plant to you folks in the U S of A :) ) Then me and Tom stopped off at a bar and watched a bit of a jazz band before bed.

We went to the Montpelier Arts trail on Sunday too which was fun, I didnt buy anything but got lots of good ideas for my next stall. And then a lazy brunch at the cutest cafe on Picton Street, perfecto! This is a little picture of my favorite little corner on Stokes Croft..

And one of me at the cutest cafe! ( Mr Thomas shakey hand Quinn )

Oh and I promised you one of my new chair didnt I? So here it is and also my new hair! what do you think?

Also I just wanted to say once again ( I will stop gushing soon I promise ) how happy I am when I see your comments. I am constantly surprised when I get new followers that anyone is interested in what I have to say or draw but your words really make it all worth it. Here is a sneak peek of my new illustration to say thanks! xoxo

p.s have you noticed how my owls and foxes are merging into each other recently!


And the winner is...

Well done ' It's like art ' you have won a signed print (picked at random with my eyes closed) expect some extra goodies to be winging your way too! Thank you SO SO much for everyone who entered, I am really really really touched with all the lovely words of encouragement.

I hope you all have super lovely weekends that are filled with BBQ's, flowers, music and friends xoxo


Give Away

Ok this is my first ever give away so I hope it goes ok! All you have to do is leave a comment below OR tweet what your favorite item is from my Etsy ( make sure to write @moonbeatle somewhere in the tweet or I wont be able to see it! ) If you do both you get two entries!

The prize for grabs is a signed print by myself like the one below..

The winner will be picked at random on the 23rd of April, good luck! xoxo

I'd rather be thifting

So its Friday! The winner of my little giveaway will be announced at 4pm today, I have to say I am overwhelmed by the response on here and twitter. I was worried no one would enter so thanks for the lovely comments and encouragement it really means a lot.

Yesterday we got this amazing red vintage leather chair from Gumtree and I died my hair the same colour to celebrate! ( ok I didn't dye it just because of the chair but it has turned out to be a happy coincidence ) do you wanna see? I just love old one of pieces, can not wait to put it in our new place when we finally move!

It's so lovely and sunny today, making me think of summer and making daisy chains..

All images from here xoxo

If all the world was paper..

So cute I die.. found over at the beautiful 'See Here Say' site

I dont usually have videos on here but sometimes they are just too lovely..


am a batman fox



The Pin Pals

Just love these what a great idea!

Heart this kitchen

Wire Bloom

I just love this idea! I think Tom may be freaking out that our new place is going to be a girlie-fest!

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