Page Three..

But not as you know it!

For those of you that do not live in the UK, 'Page Three Girls' are girls who pose topless in the paper 'The Sun'. The artist Katie Horwich has been collecting these papers (from bins, park benches and trains stations so as not to fund this paper) and covering up the semi naked models with the outfit that she herself is wearing that day.

Katie says of her work " When I started (as a diary project) I was working in Boots where the compulsory uniform was an ankle length white pleated polyester skirt and a navy tabard, designed by Jeff Banks.

It was a hot summer and I didn’t want to suffer alone so when I chanced upon a copy of The Sun on the pavement in front of me I took it home and painted the unfortunate outfit onto Nikkala. Finding a copy the next day, I did the same.

Soon I realized that I had to carry on with this ritual and it became compulsive behaviour. I couldn’t take the chance of finding a paper on the street or on the bus or on the dash of an unlocked transit van so took a job in a paparazzi agency where papers would be abundant.

Time passed and I was invited to Vienna where The Kronenzeitung also feature a topless model on one of their nonsense story pages, and so I trawled through the recycling bins of my host city, painting my holiday wardrobe onto the perky Austrian lovelies.

Now it’s eight years later, and I’m still extracting Becky from beneath a commuter’s heel on the tube; Peta’s more often than not in the Chinese take away at closing till one day we open the paper and they’re not there anymore."

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