Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them

Let me start by apologising for lack of posts recently.. (silly office job getting in the way grumble grumble) Hope you all had great weekends?

How cute is today's Google Ident? I love love love that book..anyone who hasn't read 'The Little Prince' ..should!

I have a super exiting project I am working on, I wish I could share it with you but its not 100% confirmed yet so don't want to jinks it! I will show you as soon as I can though, deal?

So what else is new...hmm I have been pretty inspired by Ted Talks there are some really motivational ones that really get you thinking, as well as inspiring and just plain interesting talks.

I am very much liking this lady , her work always puts a smile on my face and her blog is just lovely too.

In other news Thomas and I have to stop eating so many of these..

and do more of these... (boo)

Sorry for such a silly post! Will be back soon with a real one! xo


Friday Loves

I have a half day today so I am looking forward to spending an afternoon in the sun!

Here are a few pics I am loving today :)

I just love quartz..imagine a rock this big! (via here)

why must I fall in love with this pretty ones..*sigh* not sure where these dresses are from, if anyone knows please tell me!

the fact the folks at Photojojo are the first shop to offer the Impossible Project's new PX 100 'First Flush' film for polaroid cameras. They are also the only shop to receive 50 Limited Edition hand-numbered Vintage OneStep SX-70 Polaroid Land Cameras to sell. Click here to find out more.

wish i had a red bicycle...and a garden gnome? (smiley face)

this picture..I'm sorry its just too cute!

wow these totoro nails!! I want want want!

I still really really want red hair..i thought i may try and Henna it this weekeend..what do you think? good/bad experiences with Henna?

I love cheese and bread! (as you can tell from this picture!)

pretty nail varnish..i am loving turquoise colours for my nails at the moment..(i would show you a pic but I am a nail biter I'm afraid!)

afternoon in the park anyone? Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

p.s this week I am loving both NEET and LULA magazines..check them out they are great for inspiration!


oh my

today has been very productive, yay! xo Lilly

Cafe Clifton and Bathing Suits

Hope you are having a lovely day?

..I just had the best frappe to celebrate the fact that Cafe Clifton are showing six pieces of my work! They are such a cute cafe and make the best coffee for sure. I will let you know when they are up and show you some pics, I hope people like them!

I also did this illustration today

..I am desperately hunting for a 1950's type bathing suit. I just don't seem to suit bikinis. Although I am relatively slim I am also very pale and have a pear shape figure so it makes it hard to find flattering ones..(I also feel a little uncomfortable in bikini's like I'm just walking around in my underwear..i know I'm such a prude)
I kinda love the ones from Modcloth but they are a little out of my price range at the moment...any suggestions on where I should look? xo

Monkey business

I am in love with these russian doll/monkeys from Irina Troitskaya's found over at the lovely Milk Tooths Rain


Little sketch for this sunny afternoon..please note this was inspired by song lyrics and not about my life :) xo

summer time

I am loving the new Kling campaign so summery and their line is really reasonably priced too!


Another perfect home

I love how bright and cheerful it is without being over crowded or messy.

Wedding Fever

As it is wedding season I though I would show a few of my favs that I would like for my 'possible some time in the future special day'. By the way I am not actually very concerned as to whether I get married one day or not (my parents have been together 26 years and never married. I don't see it as essential but I do like the dresses!)


I am pretty addicted to Lookbook at the moment. Here is my favorite look today...how amazing? I would LOVE to have her hair. xo tiger

Hobbs Fashion Show

Firstly I am very sorry for the lack of postings! Let me fill you in with what I have been up to..

On Saturday night we went to the Hobbs Fashion Show in aid of Meningitus UK. It is a cause that I am pretty passionate about as I contracted a type of Meningitis called Meningococcal Septicemia when I was eight years old.

'Meningococcal disease causes life-threatening meningitis and sepsis conditions. In the case of meningitis, bacteria attack the lining between the brain and skull called the meninges. Infected fluid from the meninges then passes into the spinal cord, causing symptoms including stiff neck, fever and rashes. The meninges (and sometimes the brain itself) begin to swell, which affects the central nervous system.
Even with antibiotics, approximately 1 in 10 victims of meningococcal meningitis will die; However, about as many survivors of the disease lose a limb or
their hearing, or suffer permanent brain damage.[3] The sepsis type of infection is much more deadly, and results in a severe blood poisoning called meningococcal sepsis that affects the entire body. In this case, bacterial toxins rupture blood vessels and can rapidly shut down vital organs. Within hours, patients health can change from seemingly good to mortally ill'

I was very lucky that my parents spotted the symptoms in time for me to make a full recovery (although they were told by our local GP that I had a bad case of the flu) .Consequently it is a cause I am very passionate about.

So thank you Tom for the surprise VIP tickets (all proceeds to Meningitis UK) are here are some of my highlights from the show!

These sweet dresses by Bolli Darling and Swinky's...

The flapper dresses by Clara Bows..I want!...

La Freak Boutique..
Alice in Wonderland themed clothes by Johann Earl...

Amazing performance by Circomedia..made me feel a little tense though!..

I am a little obsessed with this type of dancing by Giddiha Sansaar ..I used to dream about having a Bollywood style wedding when I was younger!..
Marigold inspired dressed by Nicola Donanvan...

and balloon dresses by Sarah Smith.

We forgot to take any pictures of what we wore! But it was this dress (below)..

image by Heidi Elton

The Hobbs Fashion Show is in memory of Doug Hobb's son who sadly died of Meningitis aged 10 months. xo


Which books changed your world?

There's a major trending topic at Twitter at the moment: #booksthatchangedmyworld. Which got me thinking which I would say mine was..I think it would have to be 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath.

My brother bought me the book for my..17th? (maybe 18th) birthday. I had never heard anything about Sylvia Plath before that and I have to admit I let it sit in my room for a good few months before picking it up. When I did however I read it the entire way through without interruption..

I would say it changed my life because it spoke to me on so many levels..I was in a very different place than I am now (thankfully) at that age and I think it was the first time I felt like somebody understood me (I know how lame that sounds! - Teenage angst!) but it really did make a major impact on me.

What books changed your life? xo
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