Tigerlilly Quinn: Sigh no more, no more, One foot in sea, one on shore

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sigh no more, no more, One foot in sea, one on shore

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, I was mad busy with a illustration I was doing for Amelia's Magazine (will show you as soon as it is up). Also I have been having lots of ideas for my 'I saw you' project. I cannot wait to draw my mum and dad's 'I saw you' they are my favorite couple and I hope I am as happy as they are when I am their age!

Tonight Tom and I are going to see 'Toy Story Three' with a couple of our friends, I am so exited as I loved the other two films, hopefully this one will be even better (I'll let you know)

mmm and what else? Oh yes a good friend of mine is starting a blog (yay) I love love love reading blogs so am extra happy when a pal starts one up. I honestly think of mine as like my baby now (crazy I know) but I am addicted :)
Proper post later but just for now, here is pretty much the most beautifull wedding dress I have ever seen! (not that I am planning to get married or anything, I just like the dress yu know?) xoxo

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