Things I wish I was brave enough to pull off

This is a silly little post but I was watching alot of silly TV whilst I was ill....ok so basically the whole second series of Gossip Girl! (guilty pleasure what can I say?) and I thinking about the types of clothes I wore when I was 16 (kinda similar style too Taylor Momsen's character, yes I was a little goth) that I wouldn't try and pull off now and it made me a bit sad..oh gosh am I getting old?!

So here is a list of all the things I would like to try, just for fun!

Turquoise lipstick! (how amazing?!)

Cut off shorts, I know this is not particularly 'out there' but I have a thing about my legs..my dream is to one day find the perfect pair of jeans/shorts..I live dresses.

honestly this is a look I am too scared to try and pull off...i just feel like a boy! Wish I could though..

Wedges, I wish I would just go ahead and wear some rather than always sticking with comfy flats..
and tattoo's, don't think I will ever got one as I am so indecisive! But sometimes I wish I was brave enough :)

Pretty much I am happy with my stlye though! Do you have any styles you wish you would try out? xox


Karen Roderick said...

Skinny jeans and ballet pumps, but I'm about 20 years too old, K

Nadine said...

Coloured stockings. I'm not comfortable enough with my body to show my legs which is just stupid 'cos they're not that bad. It's something that I really just have to 'get over.' lol! :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

hehe I know what you mean, isn't it funny. I'm sure we would all look fine, just silly insecurities! xo

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