I live out of lists

As I have probably mentioned far too many times Tom and I are doing up our house. It is a slooow process for sure which is hard for me as I am a 'do it now' kinda girl (Tom is more of a careful planner, I think both attributes have their benefits and weaknesses... for instance..my spontaneity means I never have any savings where as I think debating things for a long time makes you take no risks)

I do however like a good list!

the above is a one of my many ideas pages for my one day shop of dream (wishes)

I mainly like to keep this blog as a sort of visual ideas and creative inspiration type of place, where I can post things I see that inspire me or projects I am working on..I don't like to get too personal especially if it negative HOWEVER

I have to say moving into your own place/doing it up is very testing on ones relationship! (beware!) that's it i said it! ;)

We will of course be fine and when I say 'testing' I mean we are tired/stressed and bicker more but I am 100% sure it will all be worth it when we finally complete our dream home!
Also as soon as we have decorated I can show you before and afters, which I am itching to do!

We also are going to get rescue cats (I say three, Tom says two) as soon as all our floors and building work is done..cannot wait, we are defo cat lovers.

I thought it apt so show a few design sponge cat related posts now

So so so cute

I have been pretty busy lately with artwork/office work (boo) and house work but I really feel like I'm getting somewhere which is good news, certainly due a break though. Thomas and I are meeting my family in Corfu in less than two weeks now..cannot wait! I miss them so much.

Laters Tigerlilly xoxo


curethisheart said...

i agree it is testing, but fun most of the time! our recent trip to Ikea tested us once more ha! but that said i'm glad of the added storage and it's amazing what u can do with a place the size of a shoebox.
Natasha x x

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your artwork is starting to take off, its really interesting to read about how its becoming a bigger and bigger part of your life
your most recent art posting are very enjoyable as well

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