This week I have mainly been..

Maria Diamantes. I just love love love her Illos! Go check out! xo
image via

Our soon to be..

Lovely cats!
Tonight the mister and I are going to pick up our rescue cats!

This week we went all out on the kitty cat goodies and got them some super nice treats also. Tom set up the spare bedroom last night with lots of comfy blankets and little dens so they feel as cosy as can be!

We cant wait to meet the new members of our little family! xoxo

Kitty prints from my shop


Christmas Cards...?!

I know what you are going to say (!) and I think so too, I am a winter baby and I used to get so cross when I was little that people were talking about xmas so early.
But I have seen some lovely artists xmas cards popping up recently so thought I would start working on them today..

I was thinking about making a little pack of four to sell in my shop, usually I make my own personal xmas cards for friends and family but I allways get a little pack from a favorite artist that are for my really special people (who are probably sick to death of my work by now haha!)

So here is one I have been working on today..what do you think? ( I'll let you know when they are availble in my shop) xo


10 Things I Love Friday

Autumn fashion.. I really want a yellow cardy..I recently bought a vintage oversized orange one that I have fallen in love with..

Floral sketch books..

Such a perfect colour for a 50's bedroom ;)

This cute girl..
..and the 'mazing fashion ispiration on her blog..*sigh*

..the fact that we got some of our our favorite art pieces framed up last night..slowly...these pieces are from Lizzie Stewart go check out her work if you haven't heard of her..she is brill!

..these amazing camera's for all your carboard camera needs..

Fluffy girly romantic day dreams by Waldemar and Max ...I'm just that kinda girl

..these lovies from Dan Funderburgh

..and lastly but bestly that I am going back home (parents home) this weekend so wish my lovely daddy happy birthday..

I know..but he really just wanted ebay vouchers! :).. (p.s isnt my little brother the cutest?)

YAY can not wait! What are you up to this weekend? XO

And the winner is...

Number 10 who is...Martin!!

Well done Martin, please drop me an email (frithastrickland at hotmail dot com) with your address.

You win your favorite print which was the tentative swimmer (above) along with lots of other goodies, enjoy!

Thank you so much everyone who entered and all your kind words, means so much to me xoxo


Wow! What a great day! I feel so inspired and creative today thanks so much for all your support :)

I noticed that sometime today my number of followers reached 89 which is amazing, I'm so glad you like reading my random thought and looking at my illos.

To celebrate I am holding a giveaway of my prints. The winner will receive a print from my shop and some extra goodies to include postcards, badges, temporary tattoos, craft materials (buttons,thread, interesting paper etc) and some other surprise bits!

All you have to do is:

1, follow my blog

2, post a comment under here stating which is your favorite print from my shop

3, that's it! - good luck!

(The winner will be annouced when I reach 100 followers)

Tigerlilly xo


Wish I was a cat

..New print inspired by our soon to be cats...I cant wait to meet them! :) xo

Typography inspired

Love a bit of typography and making my own hand writing into a type font is right at the top of my list of creative things i want to do..


We need a hit..

..of somthing cute!

New print by me :) I really want to recreate this on canvas!

Recent work inspired by Autumn..

This one as our home is coming together and I wish I could just stay home at the moment..

And these as I am feeling the season and loving this colour pallet at the moment.. hope you like!

This week I have mostly been reading..

Kyla Roma's blog...

I love this blog for Kyla's honest and interesting posts and also her creative ideas and inspirations.

I feel like a lot of her subjects apply to me and my life, especially this one (although the circumstances with me and my mister are a bit different I can relate to a lot of the things on this subject - smiley face )

Image via


Autumn is in the air..

...and it is my favorite season
I think scarfs, hot water bottles, spiced apple punch, kicking up leaves and snuggling down in blankets..I love love love

images via here

This last one reminds me of growing up in Cottingham..Humberside

Commission Work

Here is a little update on my recent (first) commission. It was for a child's first birthday, the (client?) wanted a number of illos to put together and make into a little book to commemorate her birth (so sweet!).

When I was in uni I made a children's book as my final project and harboured the idea of becoming a children's book illustrator once I graduated..

Recently at my office there was a discussion about 'what we wanted to be when we were younger' everyone said 'business owner' or 'actress' and I said..'I want to be a illustrator'

I'm not going to give up on my dream and to all intents and purposes I actually am an illustrator..maybe that is how I should start to define myself when prompted (at an social gathering 'what do you do?' ..'oh I'm just a PA..' maybe I should say 'I am an illustrator' )

Living the dream!

Any who..here are some of my favorites from the series.. thanks for reading! xo

Oh I have also been thinking about working on some canvas original pieces for my shop, what do you think?


Happy Days!

This weekend..about Sunday afternoon I started to get this sick kinda dread feeling..I've been feeling it more and more lately and its basically because I start to get worried about Monday morning..and my office job..

I don't like to complain..(well maybe Tom would disagree with that haha) I get that lots of people have jobs they dislike and things they would rather be doing but sometimes it feels like the end is never in site and all the hard work you put in with your art work is going nowhere..

This is where I have to thank the lovely people in the twitter world for sending me such positive messages and encouragement..(if you are on twitter you can follow me here I would love to meet you!)

This morning as I woke up to the grey Monday morning and the usual commute to work I checked my emails as I was getting ready for work and..I had not one, not two but three print sales from my website!! From the lovely Jutta Tatjane. She bought:

The reason I am so so so happy about this news is not for the financial gain (although of course that helps) it is because it gives me faith that people actually really do like my artwork..like enough to actually buy it! :) So thanks Jutta (there will be some extra goodies in your order to say thanks!)

On the same note thank you again for all your supportive comments on my illustrations over the months I have had this blog..you have no idea how much this means..It gives me the confidence and inspires me to create and belief that maybe..one day I can actually do this for a living! (the dream!)

Love (a happy)

Tigerlilly Quinn xoxo
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