Wow! What a great day! I feel so inspired and creative today thanks so much for all your support :)

I noticed that sometime today my number of followers reached 89 which is amazing, I'm so glad you like reading my random thought and looking at my illos.

To celebrate I am holding a giveaway of my prints. The winner will receive a print from my shop and some extra goodies to include postcards, badges, temporary tattoos, craft materials (buttons,thread, interesting paper etc) and some other surprise bits!

All you have to do is:

1, follow my blog

2, post a comment under here stating which is your favorite print from my shop

3, that's it! - good luck!

(The winner will be annouced when I reach 100 followers)

Tigerlilly xo


Abby Illustration said...

Oooh exciting!! :) So glad you're feeling all inspired!
My next favourite (because My Haus was obviously my fave!) is trailer 03! It's gorgeous!

Abby xx

Rach Watson said...

hope you get to 100 soon. Your prints are fabulous. Love Marrina

Tracey Tysha said...

Hurrah for inspired days ^_^

I've followed your blog, which I'm glad I found (via @craftyjemima on twitter if curious), and my favourite print is Darkest Days.

Here's hoping 100 isn't far away :)

Hollie Jane said...

lovelovelove giveaways!
i might do one soon myself! its a good idea and fun :)

come on 100 followers!

my faaaaave print of yours is my haus. so sweet.

Tanja said...

I love your pictures, and you are so very inspiring to me!
My favourite, besides the ones I bought already, is the self portrait, can't find it here, but I already commented on it once, remember?
Love and lots of inspiration to you!

mademoiselle G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mademoiselle G said...

OUps made a manipulation mstake^^ I simply love your "Marrina" print, gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous prints! My favourite would have to be 'let's go swimming' x

Bristol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martin said...

Oooh, so difficult to choose a favourite! I'm going swimming in a lake on Saturday so at the moment it will have to be your tentative swimmer.

Martin x

danielleyc said...

OOOOOHHH :) I'd love to win this :)

Congrats on almost reaching 100 followers, and for feeling inspired :)

I'd rather be on twitter has to be my favorite but all your prints are super! :) xxx

Womble said...

I can't seem to follow at the mo cos blogspot is playing up :o( this is my fave at the mo http://www.moonbeatle.bigcartel.com/product/when-you-are-gone makes me think of my lovely boyf :o) xXx

The undomesticated scientist said...

i like marrina. its very pretty, to my mind anyway!

HollybirdBeads said...

My favourite print has to be the Bad Fox print - completely adorable!

Val Woodhouse said...

I'd have to pick your pink octopus. Great minds think alike! (I think I'm number 99 by the way.)

Lena said...

Love your little illustrations - my favourite is the octopus!

Thomas said...

I'm not sure if I am eligible to enter this competition as I live with you. I love all your illustrations and you make me very proud. My favourite is the deer/moose that says 'another day in the office'. I have it up on the wall in my office. xxx

Tanja said...

I just came home after a 14hrs working day, completely exhausted, not knowing how to go on with all this work work work work... feeling really depressed, but then, coming home, quick glance into the mailbox... YIPPEEEEE!!!
I've got mail. Royal Mail ;-).
From YOU!!!!
Thank you so much, for the little extras an everything else.
Please go on with what you do because you are making people happy (look at me).
You really made my day.


Anonymous said...

Hellooo! I think I may be your hundreth! Which is nice as you are the first blog that I've 'followed'! I thought I had to be signed in with Blogger to be able to do it, not filthy Wordpress... ;)

Anyway! I love them all but I think that Marrina and Summer in the City are my favourites! :)


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