Happy Days!

This weekend..about Sunday afternoon I started to get this sick kinda dread feeling..I've been feeling it more and more lately and its basically because I start to get worried about Monday morning..and my office job..

I don't like to complain..(well maybe Tom would disagree with that haha) I get that lots of people have jobs they dislike and things they would rather be doing but sometimes it feels like the end is never in site and all the hard work you put in with your art work is going nowhere..

This is where I have to thank the lovely people in the twitter world for sending me such positive messages and encouragement..(if you are on twitter you can follow me here I would love to meet you!)

This morning as I woke up to the grey Monday morning and the usual commute to work I checked my emails as I was getting ready for work and..I had not one, not two but three print sales from my website!! From the lovely Jutta Tatjane. She bought:

The reason I am so so so happy about this news is not for the financial gain (although of course that helps) it is because it gives me faith that people actually really do like my artwork..like enough to actually buy it! :) So thanks Jutta (there will be some extra goodies in your order to say thanks!)

On the same note thank you again for all your supportive comments on my illustrations over the months I have had this blog..you have no idea how much this means..It gives me the confidence and inspires me to create and belief that maybe..one day I can actually do this for a living! (the dream!)

Love (a happy)

Tigerlilly Quinn xoxo


Unknown said...

I totally understand how you feel! It's such a great feeling to know that people like what you create, especially when it's not your principal activity (even if its a dream that maybe will come true!).

Jaymie said...

I feel exactly the same love. like so much self doubt i really wish i had more belief and didn't need as much reassurance as i do.
now following your blog i already though i was but i wasnt haha.
Jaymie x

Tanja said...

Happy I could make you happy! Sometimes it's just the little things...
And thank you very much for mentioning me in your blog, so sweet of you :)
Tanja xoxo

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