10 funny habits + guilty pleasures...

Hiya!  I have lots of silly/embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. I thought I would join in with Elsie's play along post. Enjoy!

  1. I spill/knock things over all the time..this drives the mister crazy! (but in my defence I am dyspraxic!)
  2. I get impulsive and want to do things right now...waiting for things drives me completely nuts! The problem with this is I get about 5 ideas about things I need/want to do at the same time!
  3. Am major over emotional/sensitive about the little things but when something serious happens I clam up/keep it to myself for aaaages..(unhealthy)
  4. I.am.addicted.to.tea..
  5. guilty pleasures..TV shows like The Hills, 'The only way is Essex' (new fav) and the OC
  6. Obsessions - I have a tendency to collect things..I like to horde (uh-oh!) at the moment it is vintage cat figures but it has been stickers, dunnys (the figurines ..not like ..toilets) ..homemade creatures..buttons..and lots lots more..
  7. Spend to much time on my Phone..tweet tweet! Tom says it is glued to my hand..I wish, would make it easier not trying to find it in my bag all the whole time
  8. Comfort food. By this I mean anything pasta (eat at least three times a week) Or jacket pots, burgers..chips..Mac cheese..lasagne, fried breakfasts..roast dinners..I am not a salad type of girl..by rights I should be kinda huge considering how much I eat :) I am hoping these good genes last!
  9. I bite my nails lots and lots especially in nervous situations...although I see this as a step up from sucking my thumb which I did until I was 13 :s it is something I'm trying to control though!
  10. My favourite meal is breakfast and I get crazy grumpy if I don't get it..hence early morning argument on Saturday when the mister suggested that it was nearly time for lunch anyway..whoa are you crazy? ;)
You wanna play along? What are your funny habits/guilty pleasures? xoxo


Unknown said...

hehe this sounds all too familiar!! I drink too much tea and watch too many episodes of the hills and the OC too!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

:) it really is the best/worst tv! xo

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