Our weekend in pictures 09/10/10

One day I will get a picture of Rocky when he doesn't look grumpy...we only have had them for a week so I think we are making progress. He now sits under our bed and occasionally follows me to the bathroom (weird right?). He is so handsome though I cant wait to show you good pictures of him..Maddie on the other hand is running about here there and everywhere and is so affectionate. She's such a little cutie..This is the first weekend I've had at home for some time so I am lapping up catching up on my favorite blogs, drinking tea and watching about five episodes of gossip girl in a row! As well as pottering around the house..i do love a good potter!
p.s you know what I love about cats? their little paws,SO cute! xoxo


Dave Strickland said...

Cute. I hope you're providing them with the occasional bit of catnip and entertaining/exercising them with a laser pointer?

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

ha! didnt think about the laser pointer but yes cat nip mouse a plenty! :)

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