New Illo

A little birthday illo for you too :) xoxo

Its my Birthday!

Today is my 25th birthday :)

So as a gift to you I have 25% off in both my shops. Just enter 'bday' in the comments on checkout and I will refund you the difference!

This is a picture of my sister Fionnuala and I striking a pose at my 24th birthday. I think 25 is going to be a good year! xoxo


Charity Calender

Hope you all had a nice weekend?

Recently I got asked to contribute to a charity calender set up by the mobile network giffgaff with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. (I will post a link to where you can pick up a copy as soon as it is ready.) The calender is featuring bloggers from all areas as chosen by the giffgaff community.

Originally I was asked to do a photoshoot as the other bloggers contributing were doing, I think this worked really well for their fields (e.g chef or writer) but due to time scales this wouldn't have been possible for me. We decided upon a self portrait which I am really happy about as I feel it represents my blog and what I am about well.

So here it is! What do you think? xoxo


Today is a jarma day

Today is jarma day, this involves plenty of tea, chocolate and gossip girl :)

Its so cold out there that pretty much only penguins could survive i think! I have been feeling really run down and tired of late so it is much needed. Originally I had set aside this weekend to celebrate my birthday (25 on Tuesday) but I feel like this is actually much more enjoyable..I really am a granny these days!

Oooh and this morning I made up some new birthday cards which I will pop up in my shop as soon as I can take a good picture of them.

Hope your all having a great weekend, off for a little snooze...


Some things I love

Are the cute pictures I have been sent so far of my Metro Cover! These have been sent in via twitter from @boxbex, @nicolarowlands and @pouss, thanks girls!


Good Deed Feed

Thanks to the Undomesticated Scientist for pointing out this in today's Metro :) I am so touched by all your comments. Love you guys!


Today is the day!

Today is the day! So exited! I wonder how many people saw my little illo today?

If you would like to contact me please email me at frithastrickland (at) hotmail.com

Lucky Dip for a Laptop

Hi Guys, Shameless I know but you may have noticed me mention in previous posts that my computer has died. So I thought in an effort to raise some pennies to get a new one I would create one off lucky dip illustrations!

The deal is £9.99 will get you a unique one off A5 illustration. The idea is that you will have no idea what the subject will be but if there is something specific them please feel free to put in the comments box on payment. 

Also postage is free for all orders in the UK. Thanks so much for all your support! xoxo

For more info and to order your lucky dip click here 

p.s I'm keeping this post at the top of my blog until the 23rd so scroll down to see more recent posts!


10 things I love ..Monday





My tenth thing I love it that my boyfriend got me a leek to say he loved me instead of flowers. This shows he knows me well, firstly because I like the look of flowers but not that they wilt and die. Secondly because I am welsh and thirdly because I actually love leeks and would eat them in anything :) xoxo

Tea and Crayons Illustrate Strangers

Here is my little lunch time illo for the Tea and Crayons illustrative prompts..I kinda like it!

I had a bit of a lazy weekend as I was feeling poorly. I'll try and fit a 10 things I love in as I havnt done one in two weeks! Shocking 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend xoxo


Tea and Crayons - Sketch book

Our first page in the tea and crayons sketchbook by yours truly :)


Running up that hill

My mum sent me some pictures of me that she found on an old slide and I kinda liked them so thought I'd share! hehe (btw I am the one with the dress) xo


Snap your love like a shoot

Some more new work (I am on a roll!)

Someday soon I will have an admin day and add my new work to my shop!


New illos!

I haven't added any new illos for SO long! So I am trying to make amends :)

As you know I am a loyal cat person but I do like dogs too and I think they have such interesting faces, so I thought I would branch out! xoxo


Sometimes I think Rockie only just tolerates us and our games. Look at his grumpy little face!

p.s if he wasn't already called Rockie he would probably be called 'Proffesor Surf and Turf' xo

Some more pics from our weekend..

Some more pics from our weekend, I liked the retro seat covers on the tube, it made me think of seventies sci fi movies :) xoxo


Our Weekend In Pictures 12/11/2010

This weekend Tom and I went to London to go to the 'Ballad Of' party and it was so much fun :) you can read more about that here

We went to the TATE hoping to pick up a copy (as that is one of their stockists) but they must have not been delivered yet so will just have to wait for the post. We didn't really look round much as Thomas was suffering from THE WORST toothache (he had woken up that morning with a swollen cheek) but we saw this one exhibition..which I think is a little silly, to say the least..I don't mind installation art..but a whole load of seeds (by Ai Weiwei).. sometimes I do find it kinda..well silly! Give me a nice illustration any day!

The weather was a bit rubbish though so alot of our weekend was spent indoors in the pub! But it was still fun and we managed to go shopping in Camden which is allways nice.
I do like London...but I have to say I prefer Bristol! Mainly because the pace of life is much easier even though there is allways so much on I never feel in a rush. 

Today I managed to get my hands on the copy of 'Suit yourself magazine' which features my Cabot Tower in Autumn illo, is kinda cool to see myself in print!
How was your weekend? xoxo


Ballad Of Party

Well folks I wont be able to post over the weekend as I am off to London Town tomorrow! I am going to the Ballad of Nanny Floff launch party and I cannot wait! This has just about been the best week ever, career and happiness wise...I feel so overwhelmed with all the responses on twitter (28) congrats messages! wowzers! to my METRO win news..I really am on top of the world right now!

I am also souper dooper exited to meet lots of twitter pals this weekend at the event although I wonder how we will recognise each other in real life? haha maybe we should dress up as our avatars!

...oh its going to be so great! Photos to follow!

Hope you all have THE BEST weekend too! xoxo


Win The Cover Of The METRO

So a while ago, I entered this competition to win designing the cover of the METRO...I completely forgot I had even entered until yesterday when I got a voicemail saying I had WON!

Words cant describe how I felt when I called her back to check, I still haven't calmed down!

The METRO is actually my favorite newspaper and I read it everyday on the train to work. I think I'm going to have to get up super early the day it comes out and travel the same line for a few hours to see people reading it haha!

For those of you not in the UK the METRO is a free paper that is available in most major cities. It is the fourth largest paper in the UK and read by over 1.3 3.5 million people (!).

So my front cover will be featured on the 23rd of November eeek! I would love it if any of you who pick it up would send me a  picture with you and it in it? Then I will post them all on my blog! :D

ummm YAY!! xoxo


The Nonsensical Spam Comment Project

I was spending some time over at Rachel Lewis's blog today and gushing at her lovely illos. I'm not sure how I missed it before but she has set up the best project, it really brought a smile to my face.

'This is a self initiated project, where I illustrate the random and nonsensical spam comments that I get on my blog. Usually the spam is just Chinese or adverts for porn (great) but sometimes you get very interesting sentences, that seem almost wise and prophetic; they make sense in a strange way. I love picking out the extraordinary from the mundane and representing it in my work; this is one of the projects that does this well. It’s an ongoing thing; whenever I get a good comment that makes me smile or a bit confused, I’ll illustrate it. Click on the thumbnails to see the full illustrations!' - Rachel Lewis

Go check it out over at her blog!

They really make no sense but are so beautiful!

Tea and Crayons

Yay the tea and crayons collective is now live! First feature is the lovely Rachel Lewis, go check it out!

So what is tea and crayons? you may well ask :) well its basically a group of illustrators who chat silly stuff on twitter and got the clever idea to create a combined blog. Where we can showcase exiting stuff, do collaborative challenges and ideas and ..well at the moment it is a little undecided what else but the fact is..its gunna be ace :)

so tea and crayons consists of

myself :)
Rachel Lewis
Rachel Claire Price

we are very much in the first stages but I just know its gunna be a great! xoxo

Our weekend in pictures 08/11/2010

Thanks for all the cat stories!
This weekend we mostly..tidied, did house stuff, watched TV and chilled out.
source - Ashley G

I am very much a home body..I always have been, to the extent of being a bit unhealthily I guess..I once found a letter from my dad to my Naini (grandma) saying that (as a small child) I am most happy staying at home around my family..and drawing..lol don't think anything has changed apart from now my family live in a different country but my extra family are Tom and the cats (smiley face).

I get that its not OK to stay home all the time though, luckily I have a job I need to go to five days a week to force me out the house! And that's not to say I don't like going out and hanging out with my friends..maybe its a winter thing, do you get like this?
I guess its something I'm very conscious of, I had a semi nervous breakdown type thing in 2006 and didn't leave the house for six weeks! I was very lucky that my bestest pal basically got me though it but when i'm feeling all cosy warm inside and hesitant to leave I think 'oh noes..I hope I'm not getting ill again!'.I think maybe i'm a bit hard to live with..

Perhaps I shouldn't have wrote that, I'm not sure. I hope its not TMI (too much info) its always a tricky one when writing something about mental health. For example if I was to have written about the time I had meningitis it would create a completely different reaction but both are illnesses I had no control over, one physically, one mentally :) y'know?
anywaaays :) what else? Oh yes me and Maddie took a break from tiding to have a little nap (well I say she took a break from tidying it was more a break from collecting all her mice and rounding them up in a corner, busy work don't you know?) she kept patting me on the head
images from my craft room, whilst tidying!

oh and I had to post this one (an outtake of trying to get a picture of both of us together, but i kinda liked the colours, christmasy)

Hope you all had an ace weekend! Love Tigerlilly xoxo
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