Happy New Years Eve

Today we had our final check up at the hospital which was pretty awful (as expected) but not as awful as it could have been (in regards to having to have any kind of operation etc). Hopefully I wont ever have to go to that department ever again.
I have been feeling pretty sick of staying in on the sofa of late so wasn't too eager to go straight home. We decided to take a little stroll around Clifton village.
We went to an antique shop and I found this cabinet of enamel flower broaches. I have wanted one for the longest time and it took me a good half an hour to decide on which one to get..In the end I settled on this one (below) isn't it beautiful?
 I know I have a lot of turquoise so I might have to think carefully about which garment to put it on. It was quite expensive (well by my standard!) £12, so I may have just treat myself to one a month or something.

We also came across these vintage cups for 20p each (bargain!) we pretty much have a bizillion mugs/cups but I cant stop buying more, especially when they are this nice.

The tray is from my granny, my mum gave me a bunch of stuff from her when we went down at Christmas. I haven't photographed them all properly yet, but will do soon I promise.
The picture below is just a sneak peek, our kitchen is far far to messy to show you any more right now!
On our way back home we stopped by a charity shop and found this chair. It is from the seventies (78 to be exact) and still has it original price tag under the cushion. As it was only £20 and we needed another chair we picked it up and carried it back on the train!

It was pretty funny to rock up at the station and sit on your own chair in a 'yer I allways carry a chair around with me' type of way.
Well that was our new years eve-day. We were thinking of maybe going for a drink in our local-ish pub, but I think I am probably not going to make it to ten! Maybe Tom can wake me up to bang pots and pans in the street and go back to bed again(btw that is actually something people do, I'm not a crazy person).
Happy New Year to your all! Thanks for all your support over the past year. Yay for 2011! xoxo


Joanna said...

Happy New Year! That sounds like the loveliest day and a nice treat for the house too.

Georgia Coote said...

Ooo, I really want one of those brooches too! Happy New Year!x

Rachel Clare Price said...

gorge broaches!! Everything I won is turquoise tehee its a good colour!

Happy new year!
Hope 2011 will be amazing!xxxx

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