I am now a mid twenties girl

..and I kinda like it actually..
I have always thought of 25 as being kinda like a big deal..I think almost more than thirty (although I'm sure I shall freak out about that sooner than later) because it means I am truly an adult now. I cant cling on to early twenties and be in the same bracket as students anymore, I am closer to late twenties and if I were to ever audition for the xfactor I would have to be in the 'older category...that's right,lol).
But actually...its ok! I think I realised the reason I was so worried about it before was that I thought I should have achieved something by now..and thinking about it..i have! I have SO much to be thankful for that sometimes I am too complacent and don't even realize how good Ive got it!

Firstly I am in love and I am loved, I am healthy and I have the BEST friends and the best cats.

My art is doing really well and making me happy happy happy :)

It hasn't always been a smooth ride to get to this point, I know everybody has there ups and downs. I think almost that the downs are necessary to fully appreciate the ups! But at this point twenty five years in this world, I have never ever been happier!

p.s yesterday Tom and I went to a Greek place for food..well we tried to! It was all a bit weird and we ended up running out before we had even ordered (something I would usually never do, I'm so the person that would stay somewhere even if it wasn't good for politeness sake!) I'm glad we did though as we ended up having yummy tapas instead

(thanks for reading ;) )  xoxo

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