Its cool its cool to love your family

I have to say I don't really say it enough but I am so thankful for my family..

(From left to right)

My baby brother Madog Gito

My daddy carrying Madog

My little sister Fionnuala

My baby sister Serin Eirig Angharad

My big brother Keir and his wife Joc

My mama

Tom and I

I think pretty much one of the most important things with how you feel about your parents is that you respect them..I don't mean like being well behaved or doing as your told but actually respecting them as people. I know that whatever advise I need I can always go to them and I will get a honest and intelligent answer. They are also pretty much the kindest people I have ever met.

My parents are not in anyway rich but will always think of others before themselves, for example they once decided they didn't need two cars after they had moved house and so sold it and gave all the profit to charity..My mum will never buy herself anything but always look out for the best things for her children. My dad will patiently spend hours devising fun ways for his children to learn subjects they find hard (e.g me with maths, still rubbish at it sorry dad!)

Spending the weekend with my mum reminded me of how important it is to be a good person. I like to hope I am a good person (I once got turned down for a job for being 'too nice' haha) but sometimes it helps to be around your family to keep you grounded and remember what is truly important in life.

I love being part of a big family, my sisters and brothers are all completely unique and amazing in their own different ways. Keir was always the best big brother, he never minded when I snitched on him or annoyed him. He never picked on me like some older siblings but looked after me and kissed my head when I cried. Joc is the perfect sister in law and addition to our family :)

Nuala (Fionnuala - although nowadays she likes to be called Finley..I'm sorry I cant do it!) is loyal and headstrong. She can drive me absolutely nuts and I have the most blazing rows with her (that I have never had with anyone else). She thinks I am way too soft and girly!

Serin is sweet and shy, she always has her head in a book and is sensitive like me haha. She is also 5.10 at 14 and groooowing. She could be a model but I'm pretty sure she is too much into history and reading for that.

Madog is pretty much the cutest little brother you could have, he is into dancing rather than football. Loves Pokemon and drawing :)

Tom is very much my family now too, I don't think I could have met a lovelier man. Yes we have our ups and downs like everybody but we have the same core values and he is nothing but kind and patient. He is funny and eccentric and handsome and I love building up our life together, this is only the start!

I love my family oxox


June Chanpoomidole said...

Aww this is what Christmas is all about. The sweetest post I've ever read. Thanks for sharing your family with us. xx

Unknown said...

lovely pics x

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