My year 2010

Thankyou so much for your lovely comments, here and on my twitter.

I was inspired to do this post after reading Erd's blog. I think it is really good to look back though the year and think about all that has happened. The good and the bad! I am thankful to say that the good heavily out ways the bad :)
So here we are 2011 Tigerlilly Quinn style

I started a new job (well technically I started it the week before xmas but that was more like a trial week). I work as a personal assistant / marketing administrator for an electrical firm...yer I know..but its actually not that bad. I work relatively close to home, round the corner from where Tom works and as its an office of three people (including me) and have my own space to get on with my own thing.
I also started this blog! (and got my first follower! I remember how thrilled I was to have at least one person read it)

I got my first order for a local boutique, it was mainly crafted items and was a huge learning curve for me. After accepting the first offer given I ended up working to a huge loss and late nights and lots of stress. It was worth it through as I learnt a valuable lesson!

It was also valentines day :)

I joined twitter and Bristol Culture contacted me to ask if they could do a post on my artwork. I was so exited I rang pretty much all my family, it was the first time any one had really taken an interest in my art!

Up until this point most of my art work was mainly just plain ink but I started thinking about branching out to a new colourful direction.

I started doing more stalls, I made enough to break even but not much more, they were useful to do though as they taught me some important tips on selling your art.
Tom took me to the Hobbs fashion show in aid of meningitis. He bought us very expensive VIP tickets which meant a lot to me as I have had meningitis.

Tom bought a house! And we started packing and moving..Que - major stress

Caffe Clifton said they would show some of my pieces in their place. First establishment to feature my work!

I started illustrating for magazines such as Amelia's magazine. This was a great opportunity to get my name out there and also to make me actually work to tight deadlines and produce work that was out of my comport zone!

I also set up my 'I Saw You' project

I went on a lovely Greecian holiday with my family
I also submitted to 'Balled Of Nany Floff' and from that produced my first logo for 'the belle witch'
We worked on the house some more..now we had paint in our living room..but still no floor

I did my first commission work, again although fun it was a learning experience. I was to produce 18 illustrations as what worked out as little more than a few pounds an illustration. I hope I do not sound too mercenary here. Don't get me wrong I would illustrated for free all day and night anyway but for me if illustration is ever going to become a way of living I need to get the paid bit right!
I also had my first sale in my shop!

We got cats!
I found out I made the cut and am in the latest Balled Of Nany Floff to be sold across the country in shops such as the Tate Modern!Wowzers.
Tea and Crayons is created, I make some great friends and we do some ace things!

This was a bit of an insane month for me..November the 12th - Tom and I travel to London to attend the 'Balled Of' launch party..It is also the day we find out im pregnant..no cocktails for me! I sip soft drinks and we leave after a few hours as I suddenly realise how totally shattered I am..

November 23rd - The Metro choose my illo to feature on their cover! Proudest moment yet..walking on clouds all day..November 30 - I turn 25!

I go on a trip to London with my mum and buy a copy of myself in print from the Tate Modern

20th - I lose our baby

I guess a lot has happened in this past year, its only as I write it all down that I see just how much has gone on!
We have our own house, two lovely cats. My art work is growing at a steady state. We have occurred  a great loss yes and this will hurt..well..for a long long time I know. But we know how much we want this now..we are the strongest we have ever been as a couple...

I think 2011 will be the best year yet. xoxo


Daria Hlazatova said...

oh i hope next year will be even more successful for your and full of only positive moments! happy new year :D

Unknown said...

really sweet blog post Fritha- you're lovely and hope you have a really happy new year. x x

Neon Whispers said...

You have achieved so much this year Fritha, it is really inspiring. 2010 has undoubtedly thrown some very tough times at you but I know that you will get through it and be stronger on the other side. Lots of love xx

Unknown said...
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Martin said...

Very pleased we could feature just a little bit in your year. 2011 will be great. Please don't forget us when you're famous! x

Sarah said...

I'm so glad I read this - it's so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your year with us, and I'm looking forward to the next xx

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