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Hello! My name is Fritha Tigerlilly Quinn and I'm a twenty something mum to a four year old boy named Wilf, a baby named Mabli and wife to one bearded husband named Tom. I run this blog and my online shop from our house in-between mummy-ing and Tom looks after old buildings when he's working and us when he's not working.

We live in Bristol in the UK and own a house that is a labour or love in a street where our neighbours really have become good friends (like the song goes). We own two fat rescue cats named Rockie and Maddie who are pedigree British shorthairs. Rockie used to own the title of best cat of his breed in the South West cat show of 2007. This was before he was re-homed with us, his show days are well over and now they are completely untrained and jump on the work surfaces to try and steal butter.

If you are looking for some popular posts you might want to start with a little about how Tom and I met here or here or maybe our engagement here & here. I gave birth to our son Wilf two weeks after my twenty sixth birthday in our living room, you can read that story here if you like.

We got married when I was twenty eight here and you can see the video our lovely friend made here.

I think that covers the major life events! ;)

Some other things about us:

Wilf and I are vegetarian and neither of us has ever eaten meat. Tom is a pescatarian.
We both share a love for bright colours, interiors and sixties design.
I want Robyn to be my BFF and have spend many a day dream wishing I could do the dance to 'call your girlfriend'.
Tom spends way to much time looking into cats that need rehoming and planning the home we would buy when we win the lottery.

My blog was started a year or so after I graduated in graphic design. I felt like I should have an online platform to showcase my work but it slowly evolved into a diary our life and I slowly realised I actually wasn't so good at graphic design ;)

I am so thankful that my blog has grown into business and I am now able to stay at home with my son. I have never worked so hard or loved a job so much in my life. I am constantly thankful for everyone who spends time on my corner of the internet or leaves a comment. Without you guys this wouldn't be possible so thank you once again!

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