Uni Days

I thought I would post some pictures on here of my previous style of illustration. These sketches were from my uni days and I think its interesting to see how my style has changed since then.

I actually think I wasn't too ready to go to uni when I did, although I'm not sure what I would have done in the mean time. I even burst into tears in my first critical (in front of five male lecturers..they were a little uncomfortable to say the least). I'm not 100% why I found the first year so hard. I cried as my dad dropped me off (funnily enough I cried when my dad picked me up to go home in final year too) and I really hated my course. 

There were only about 12 people on my course, it was an art degree college so a lot of them still lived at home and the town wasn't a typical uni town and had no halls. I moved into a small converted barn in my first year which actually ended up being the best part as I met one of my now best friends. I chose the course and college for the silliest of reasons (I was with my then long term boyfriend and I didn't want to move away too far..LAME-O). 

I actually didn't feel at all passionate about the subject until my third year so its a little surprising I still ended up with a 2:1 (and a couple of points off a 1st). Since uni though I feel like I live and breath art, which makes me think maybe I wasn't ready at the time..or maybe I just don't like lessons!

I also did an photography elective in my second year and I really like some of the pictures that I took during that time. I have also loved photography which is why I took graphic design at uni as I felt it combined illustration and photography. My love will always be illustration though as it makes me feel more alive and I will never get over how you can just create something that wasn't there before with only a pencil.

My camera at the time was really cheap and low pixeled but actually I think it made them look cool! xoxo


Unknown said...

aw I love your photographs!

what uni did you go to? I did graphic design too, I thought it would include lots of illustration, but it was more multimedia so we did alot of film and web stuff and there wasn't much emphasis on illustration :( (even though I tried to make my final proj all about illustration)

I didnt cope too well with my 1st year either - had an anxiety attack on day 1 arh!


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww I'm not sure it is right to say this but im 'glad' you felt the same way (if that makes sense lol) I did illustration in final year but yes, same experience! They also gave me NO tips for how it would be after I left uni as in working in an art based job. Meh

I went to West Wales School of the Arts - Uni of Glamorgan in Carmarthen...Rock and Roll! xx

Unknown said...

Know what you mean, glad am not alone! everyone tells me how amazing their first yr was and i was terrified half the time

A friend of mine went to glamorgan and I went to visit her once and she lived 40 mins from cardiff up a big hill - nothing to do there but chase sheep hehe

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Yep and funnily enough not living in the most exiting place didn't make me more productive it just meant I watched more TV! x

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