Pen Pals vs Twitter

by me :)

When I was little I had pen friends, from all around the world (although mainly different parts of Africa). My mum set me up with a pen pal company called 'Hola' which paired me up with other kids in a country of my choice. I wrote for a number of years to a girl in South Africa, we used to exchange pictures of our favorite Spice Girls (btw I am taking primary school here) but I think there the similarities ended and we eventually stopped writing.

My brother however kept in touch with his Sweedish pen friend from about the age of 12. I'm not 100% sure if they still write 'snail mail' but I know they do send each other things from time to time and she has turned out to be an amazing artist and close friend to him

It got me thinking how you can just be given some ones address and strike up a solid lasting friendship (without ever meeting) just by writing to each other.

I guess the modern day equivalent would be twitter? Although not writing long letters as such you can strike up friendships with like minded people without ever actually meeting them. I know that does sounds incredible sad 'my Internet pals' but honestly I do consider a few people I have met online to be genuine friends.

Take for example my Tea and Crayons ladies, we've never met in the flesh but together have set up a collective. They are a constant source of inspiration and friendship and we probably 'chat' via email or twitter once a day.

I was also completely bowled over by just how many people contacted me via twitter to ofter me support over our recent bad news. I really really appreciated it and it didn't mean any less that it came from people I have never met in person.

I'm not really sure that there is a conclusion to this post, more like rambling thoughts I decided to share!

Do you feel the same way about social networking? xoxo


Kayleigh Bluck said...

Definitely agree!
I always wanted a pen pal when I was younger (mainly because I loved pretty stationary and wanted to receive pretty letters too!) I never got one but occasionally wrote to my cousin.
Another good thing about twitter is taking part in creative swaps because you get to send and receive lovely things through the post :) Yay for twitter and the lovely creatives on it xx

Abby Illustration said...

I feel just the same! Sometimes I worry that it sounds a little sad to have online friends, but you're all so important to me. I love that twitter connects me to all these amazing illustrators that you just wouldn't meet otherwise.

Sometimes if I don't get out and about, I feel like i'm not alone when i'm talking to friends online (lol). Also, love how supportive everyone is! Ahh ramble over :) xx

Rachel Clare Price said...

I love my internet friends (you and t&c girls included!) :)

I had a couple of pen pals when i was younger I met online - one I actually met up with a few times and we're still good friends, but she lives so far away though i dont see her often.

its strange to think we would probably never have met such wonderful people from around the country (and the world!) without the interweb xx

Georgia Coote said...

I totally agree! I used to have tonnes of pen friends when I was younger and I loved it, I think that sometimes when you're writing to someone you've never met and chatting on twitter it can be especially nice as you've chosen to chat to them, they're not just your work colleague, next door neighbour etc, they're people you've chosen to write to/follow as you have the same interests and stuff. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww love all these replies girls! You're a lovely bunch :) and yes illustration swaps are amazing! Love getting snail mail once in a while xo

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