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 Our weekend..

I have to say January 2011 has pretty much extended December 2010's suckyness..I know January is never a great month, and the 24th surpassed itself in being statistically the most depressing day of the year! Monday involved me winning the battle of not crying at work but then losing the battle of not crying on the train/to Tom/to my mum..it was great to reach the end of this week. 

I hope I don't seem ungrateful or self centred when I write about negative feelings..I guess I know alot of blogs keep up a standard of only writing about positive things and I think its really great how they can maintain that, after all we all have bad days right? But I guess for me I like to use my blog as a therapeutic place to say how I feel about things (good and bad). I'm lucky that for the most part they are good (and of course I'm not about to go sharing every last detail of my most personal thoughts and feelings.)
 I love sharing with you all the cute and inspiring things I have seen or am experiencing but I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't say that the past five weeks have been the hardest in my life so far. 
I have previously suffered from depression and anxiety and it concerns me that I could end up heading that way again. I think mental illness is something people should talk about and not be embarrassed of..its just being ill, like any other illness, like breaking your leg or what have you. Its not your fault. 
I'm lucky I have people I can talk to, I'm (so) lucky I have Tom and my family and my friends :) I think I am going to slow down a little for a while too, take it easy and look forward to our very soonish holiday to Barcelona!

Anyways - Friday night involved drinks with friends and a much needed unwind..one or two glasses of wine soon turned into four large glasses, whoops! I am still paying for that one! And today we went to feed the ducks
Hope you all had a lovely weekend (thanks for listening) xoxo


Abby Illustration said...

I know what you mean about mental illness. I have suffered from depression myself and used to need anxiety tablets to sleep. It's not nice and things are mostly better now, but being able to talk about it is so important! We shouldn't be embarrassed should we?

Sounds like you had a nice Sunday after your terribly hung-over Saturday hehe! :) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Abby, thats so true. And isnt it funny that alot of creative people seem to get these illnesses? (such sensitive souls haha) xx

Thuraya Lynn said...

You're right, people shouldn't feel ashamed or outcasted for expressing negative feelings.
You put it best suggesting artists seem to be depressed easy.Prolly because we dig into deep, provoking emotions (even the unwanted) up the surface more often than most people (how brave of us, if you think about it!)

I had my moments of let down myself, lasted for many years and would harm myself. Where I stand I realize it was all lessons, whenever I had it easy, I'd try to reflect on the nightmares Ive experienced and try to levitate with it. Finding the balance in every is crucial, I think...
Using weakness as a tool for power is a lead to a better day.

Stay strong miss Fritha! ( ゚▽゚)

Whimsically Random said...

Snap! My goodness there's a lot of people who suffer from it, You're so brave to talk about it, I'm such a wimp about it its really taboo to talk about in my house.

Sort of reassuring in a way to know there's people who feel like that too. On a lighter note how pretty do you look in that dress? I've had my eye on it for a quite a while , I think i may buy tomorrow hehe x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks for your comments guys, its good to know that other people feel the same way.

Also thanks for the compliment Avril! you should go treat yourself! xoxo

Lil said...

Im only a recent follower but Im gonna say, you shouldn't feel bad for saying how you feel, your blog is lovely and upbeat but you cant be all 'ooh look at this pretty thing' the whole time, its a hard road to walk getting yourself back together and its been no time at all. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thankyou Lil, and lovely blog btw :) x

Fran said...

Hello! I've only just stumbled across your blog - it's so lovely! I've suffered from depression in the past and you're right, there is such a stigma surrounding it. But the important thing to realise is how brave you are for getting through it and bringing a bit of joy to other people's days. Keep smiling! xx

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