10 things I love Friday

Or saturday..

Well this week went super dooper fast (which I am glad of in a way) but am also reminded of how much stuff I have to do and how little time I have to do it!
After our Barcelona holiday we are both pretty skint so we are staying in this weekend, drinking tea, surfing the net, tidying the house and (me) watching the rest of season four of 'Mad Men'...lush! Anyway these are some things I have been loving this week!

This print because it reminds me of all the things my mister likes haha! He has recently started back at school one day a week on an accountancy course, I am so proud of him and his student discount (Topshop here we come) 

Wow I love love love these illos by Brendan Wenzel, so colourful and expressive and lovely 

This lovely Illo..the colours are so perfect

Wise words..

This print reminds me of the lovely city I live in and all its balloon fiestas 

because its funny :)

LOVE this print and love this film, I found this on weheartit with no credit to who the artist is so if anyone knows please tell! :)

hehe SO a Harry Potter geek although I love the books waaay more than the films (I haven't even seen the last two so I dont suppose I can actually call myself a geek). I read the last book in three days and openly cried in a cafe reading..well you know 'that bit'...*sob*

Vintage pattern covers, when we were in Barcelona we saw some really lovely pages at a flee market from a pattern book. They were a bit too expensive for us but would love to have some framed around the  house!

For my last 'ten things' I actually thought about having in its own little post as it was so amazing. I found this lady's site through Bluebird Vintage and I think the idea is brilliant! Irena Werning's 'Back to the Future' project is all about taking old family images and recreating the exact image but in the future..get it? Well I'll show you some of my favourites :

told you they were ace! I would love to do this with some my old family pics :)
Have a great weekend y'all! xoxo

1 comment:

Natasha ♥ said...

awww these are all brilliant Fritha! I love the illustrations- the toner one is hilarious! I love the Harry Potter one too! I cried reading the last one and I cried at the cinema when Dumbledore died. Bless him.
The future photographs are sooo inspirational! I wanna do them!
Happy Saturday petal!
Lots of love!
x x x

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