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 We left for Barcelona on Wednesday morning, foolishly I had read the boarding time as the check in time so we strolled in to the airport just after 8 AM. Usually we would give ourselves ages before check in opened as we are cautious cats. So this time we checked in at the last minute and boarded about 20 mins later! We had taken off by 9 AM which actually made things better as I am not a good flyer at all and gave me less time to worry about these things. We did take pictures just before take off but my face is such a mask of fear its not a pretty sight!
The deal is when we go on holidays that I freak out on the plane and Tom freaks out on holiday, but the plane is my time and Tom has to be super calm and helpful. The flight was actually fine and went really quickly, we landed in plenty of time so we got the Ryanair fanfare! (the first time I experienced the Ryanair fan fare I actually thought they played it because we landed without dying).  We flew to Girona (as it was Ryanair they never actually fly anywhere directly I'm sure) but got our coach to Barcelona really easily. Getting off at the coach station and actually finding our hotel was a little trickier, the map they gave us at the station was sponsored by McDonalds and basically showed you the way to all the McDonalds in the city and not much else..here ensued a minor panic attack by Tom, a row by both of us and not talking until we got to the hotel.

Here comes funny story number one:

Ages ago when we booked the hotel (like six months or so ago) we were chatting with my S.I.L Joc and brother Keir and were saying how when you are on you honeymoon hotels always bump you up a little or give you things..so we thought ha why not? On the comments section of our booking form we put 'this is our honeymoon so please could we have a nice room thanks -smily face- kiss' and then totally forgot we had done that!
So on arrival we were getting our room keys and the lady at reception said 'congratulations on your honeymoon!' ...I suddenly remembered what we had put and realised my hands were completely ringless. She then asked if someone could sign the form and I was doing my best *sending my thoughts to Tom* to sign the form so I wouldn't have to show my hands again..which he totally didn't get of course so I had to sort of sign the form pulling my coat over my hands as best i could. He told me afterwards he just thought I was acting really really weird haha!

Our room was lush (as some one who has never been in a hotel above two stars before) four stars is pretty swish for me, I couldn't get over the free toiletries.

We went out for food in the BEST falafel bar I had ever been to (for people in Bristol, think Falafel King but umm 10 times better) its called Moaz and if you ever go to Barcelona then I urge you to go! We actually went twice we loved it so..but never got pictures because we were just too engrossed in eating :)

When we got back to the hotel to refresh we found..um a bottle of champers in ice and a fruit plater! I have to admit I felt really really bad for a bit..I kept telling Tom we should tell them we lied about it and that we were betraying their trust..but then Tom said (which I agree with) is that just because we don't believe in marriage who is to say we don't love each other as much as people who do get married? We both want to have kids together and be with each other for the rest of our lives but we are not sure if we want to have a celebration to tell everyone else about it. I am agnostic and Tom is an atheist so there would be no religious value in us getting married and although I do think it would be lovely to have a beautiful dress, have my nearest and dearest all in one place and time and celebrate that we love each other..at the moment it seems like a huge and unnecessary expense, but we will see! 
Anyways..we drank the now guilt free champers and promptly passed out.
The whole rest of the holiday I was thinking we should by a fake ring for check out so that she wouldn't know we were big fat liars..actually we had another reason to look for a special piece of jewellery. Since our loss we have been thinking of buying a special piece to remember she/he by..we still havnt found it yet but we shall keep looking. Does anyone have any ideas of a suitable piece of semi precious stone that would fit? I was thinking maybe opal? 

The rest of the holiday was eating, drinking, sightseeing, shopping and relaxing..

Funny story number two :
I thought I had ordered a latte...what I got was molten chocolate..tasty though!
On Saturday we went to Girona for the day before our flight back on Sunday. The funniest part of this trip was this picture..honestly I cant remember laughing this hard for a long time. 
It was this weird little creature that we kept seeing people go up and kiss it...we waited for everyone to stop and then I dared Tom to go do it..funny thing was the last family to go up had sort of waited for us to have a go so they could watch and clap! Ha! I've never seen Tom go red before..we couldn't work out why people were doing it! I looked it up just now and and apparently if you kiss it then it means you will come back to Girona one day..

Oh and before I forget, the little B&B we stayed in Girona..had loads of framed gigsaw puzzles, very kitch! I think we might have to make some for our house :) xoxo


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I love Barcelona - did you eat lots of tapas?? did you find the vintage shops? I still can't remember the name of it, but it was in french so thats probably why hehee

Jess said...

lovely pics, looks like you had a great time!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

We only find one unfortunatly, they were all hiding! But we did go to about a million Desiguals and Tom got lots of nice things :) xoxo

Mhairi-Stella said...

I now really want to go to Barcelona right now, drink molten chocolate - & have a blissed out time with my boy


teen said...

helloo! please could you tell me where you got that lovely coat with the red buttons?

Frances Barrett said...

Aha I had a very similar experience in Barca, my boyfriend is prone to panicking too and had a hissy fit when we realised we had missed the coach back to the airport for our flight home. Cue lots of bickering and a very long silence!
Glad you had a lovely time and that you discovered Maoz - best thing since sliced bread! They have one in Soho, London! xxx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Hi Teen, I actually got it from a charity shop but it is originally from MOTEL :)

Fran - Thanks SO much for letting me know Moaz is in London too! :) I'm glad other people dont have 'perfect' holidays either hehe

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