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As the second eldest of five children I have read many a children's book to my younger siblings. My youngest brother has only recently turned 10 so I have had the privilege to go though all these classics at many different stages of my life and appreciate them in different ways.
I recently met up with an author and am hoping to collaborate with him to create a published children's book! Its going to be a lot a lot of work but I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into it!
I thought I would share with you some of my favorite children's book illustrators (I had difficulty remembering which ones were by whom so my mum helped me with this list - she is ace).

First off is Helen Oxenbury, you probably recognise her by the book 'we're going on a bear hunt' as it is probably her most famous illustrative work.

but I really love this illustrations she did for Alice in Wonderland (above)

Next is Shirley Hughes, she has a very traditional style of illustration, it makes me feel so nostalgic for her stories  (she writes them as well) I remember well being read these myself.

Oliver Jeffers is an illustrator I actually only came across after I had left home and was not though reading to my siblings (it was actually a present on a first date!) but I love his illustrations all the same and it means that his books are accessible for both children's and adults alike..(or maybe I am just too much of a child!)

Tony Ross is just amazing in so many ways, I love how his illustrations capture the humour in the stories, they also seem to contain so much energy. If you get a chance then you must check out 'I'm coming to get you' which is my favorite book by him (although I cant seem to find any decent images of it on the Internet).

Judith Kerr and her 'Tiger that came to tea' is just beautiful, the colours, the tiger's expression..she also did the Mog' books, remember those?

Maurice Sendak who created the brilliant 'Where the wild things are' -'nuff said

Janet and Allan Ahlberg - Classics like 'The Jolly Postman' what a brilliant idea..and how lovely to have a illustrative marriage!

Lauren Child..her style is SO accessible and modern..she really has created her own brand of illustration.

Which brings me on to Quentin Blake (I hear that he helped Lauren Child starting out in her career) his illustrations are such classics I think everyone my age will recognise them from Roald Dahl books.

And lastly Brian Wildsmith, I just love the colours he uses.

There are so many other children's book illustrators that I love and admire but these are just a few! Actually looking though all of these talented illustrators is a little overwhelming. Its so interesting how different each ones style is and how recognisable they are also. Children's book illustration is so important in my opinion as it inspires children and their imaginations in a way that not much can..I loved being read to as a child and staring at these images before I could even read. It makes me so so sad to think that some children don't get read to by their parents and get brought up on a diet of TV.
(but don't get me started on that one!)

Keep it cosy. Tigerlilly xoxo


Deer Baby said...

All very lovely. A lot of them are my favourites too especially Quentin Blake and Maurice Sendak. My 3 year old loves all the tiny little details in the Allberg books.

I also like Eric Carle. He's a genius.

Abby Illustration said...

Oh i loved 'Tiger that came to tea' :) love so many of these, especially Oliver Jeffers :)

My sister works for Puffin and is working with Allan Ahlberg! She's going to visit him at his house next week, how amazing! So jealous lol :)

Georgia Coote said...

Love this post - Shirley hughes is a big hero of mine - my sister looked like 'my naughty little sister' (still does!)x

Unknown said...

aw I loved the tiger that came to tea too!! I want to go dig out my old books now

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Aww I love that all these books mean so much to you too!

Georgia - yes as did mine! haha

Abby - one word - jealous!

Deer Baby - how could I forget Eric Carle, your right he is amazing

Rachel - me too! Just want to have a book party, where we drink tea and read childrens stories :)


Joanna said...

I love all the Children's books these days and especially Where The Wild Things Are. Have been browsing through Anne of Green Gables as well and have bought the Hungry Caterpillar and the Gruffalo recently.All so lovely :)

nancy knits said...

quentin blake is my all-time favourite. he's just *so* wonderful.

♥ Nadine said...

Beautiful books you chose! All of them! The most of them are known in Germany as well. I even love "Where the wild things are", but I remember that most children are afraid, because they look a little frightening and the colors are so dark...
This is a good idea, maybe I have to do such a post one day, too.

Johnsoncaje said...
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