I Love you like a mad man

Yesterday Tom and I went out for a meal to celebrate his sisters Ruth's birthday. We ate Indian and it was great. 
I wore:
Vintage Dress - Charity shop find
Feather Belt - Primark
Black Tights - Boots
Cowboy Boots - Fly London

These are the outtakes! I thought I would share as they made me giggle :)
Cat update - we found our first 'present' from them yesterday morning..to be fair I think the poor mouse died of a heart attack rather than our cats actually killing it...Rockie probably went over to make friends and its little heart couldn't take it :(

Rockie is now on diet cat food..(he told me that he has never been more depressed)..he actually eats it with a sad look on his face and then leaves half..BUT he cant have been that hungry as the mouse didn't have a scratch on him.

Happy Thursday XOXO

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