Photo Dump

Yet another self indulgent post I'm afraid! I tried so hard all through January to do my 365 project...but have failed badly come February..I'm so annoyed with my self! Maybe I should have sent my self one a week instead?
 Other than myself (Tom doesn't like getting his picture taken too often so I try not to push it) and my cats I don't have that much to take pictures of...as sad as that sounds!
Ok I know that's not quite true I should be able to use my imagination and find interesting things to snap but seriously Monday to Friday my life is pretty much like this :
I eat my lunch at my desk a lot of the time to save on money and so that I can get a bit of sketch book work done in my hour break...
when we get home Tom puts his feet up and either reads the paper or a magazine for a bit to wind down...I watch crap TV (like 'stenders)
and then all of a sudden its bed time...
(Its always bedtime for this guy)

isn't he a bear?! I'm sure he actually is a bear cub in disguise..or a little Ewok..

Nos Da! xoxo

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