I defy you to get any cuter than this

We put together a mega IKEA bookshelf wall over the weekend and are slowly filling it up (for the record from living in small flats I thought I had a lot of nick knacks/junk..turns out I don't have enough! joy!)
The other night I brought down some boxes of books from under our bed and look what our kitty cats did!

I'm pretty sure there is nothing cuter than that...
..but this comes close..

P.S if you want to see who (in my opinion) is the King of box cats click here!
Happy Wednesday xoxo


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Fashion Illustration

A while ago I posted about my favorite Children's book illustrators so I thought I would do a similar post about fashion illustrators.

I have recently discovered a new found love of fashion illustration and really enjoying trying my hand at it.
The first is Stina Persson, I adore her use of water colours and delicate line work. I think she manages to use water colour without it looking faint or wishy washy and the colours are so bright and dramatic! She is based in Stockholm and her work is used often in editorial magazine such as Vogue and Elle.


The second is Jasper Goodall who was one of my all time favourite fashion illustrators and one that I have liked since I started studying art in school.

Julie Verhoeven's work is SO colourful and vibrant, I love the big eyed, big haired girls she draws. She has worked with many famous publications but I first saw her work in Guardian and tore it out and put it on my wall circa 2000, amazing. Since then she has even had collections made out of her work, so beautiful.
So you have probably heard of the above three before so here are a few new discoveries for me that you may not have :)
I love Laura Laine's haunting/flouncy/floaty girls..

Monsier Qui is a french street artist/fashion illustrator. I love the use of mixed media in his work..
I have only recently discovered Sophie Griotto's work but I have immediately fallen in love..

And now for my favorite fashion illustrator pals!I'll start with the very talented Tea and Crayon girls

Abby Wright
I know I am overwhelmed to be part of an illustrative collaborative with them!
As I got this part in my post I realised what a huge task it is to feature all the illustrators I admire as I am sure to leave some really good ones so I have limited myself to three more

and lastly Faye West
(a lot of illustrations featured here are also over in articles at Amelia's magazine, pop over to discover lots more talented illustrators and writers!). I think I would go on for ever but I really should stop at some point! Maybe I should do a monthly feature of all the amazing illustrators I have come across. We'll see!
Hope you enjoyed this post! xoxo


Diana Wynne Jones

Just a small post to say how sorry I was to hear about the death of Diana Wynne Jones. For those who had not heard of her she was an amazing children's book author. She filled my childhood with magic. I think I can even thank her for inspiring me to draw by kick starting my imagination in such a fantastical way.

My favorite book of hers is Charmed Life (although there are so many it is really hard to choose).I used to love that book so much I wanted to call my children Gwendolin and Cat!
Although I don't think I will call my future children these names after all I will be sure to read them her books and I'm sure they will have as much of an impact as they did on me.

Mersina (or the two M's)

I was commissioned by my friend Jo to produce an illustration of her lovely baby Mersina and the baby's dad Martin. It was such a pleasure to do :) and I'm so glad they like it.
I asked Jo if she would like any text on the piece and she came up with the lyrics from an Alphabeat song that I think fits just perfectly.


Our Weekend In Pictures 27/03/2011

This weekend we have:

  • Had Drinks after work 
  • Chatted about the future
  • Tried 'bumpits' to retrofy my hair..and yes Tom tried them (to hilarious results)
  • Went to IKEA - arguments ensued
  • Sulked
  • Made up
  • DIY
  • Finished a commission for a friend
  • Played with the cats
  • Listened to pod casts (mainly Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkinton - SO funny
  • Finished front cover for the children's book I'm working on
  • Relaxed 
We have almost finished our living room! 

We got our membership for the League Against Cruel Sports :)

said Bumpits, ha!
although it didnt really go that big..I will have to experiment a bit more I think!
We tried to get pictures of the cats together and this is what happened..

As soon as one looks at you the other doesn't! 

 Tom trying to get them to stay still!

These are the three best I think

Oh yer and this is a second before Rockie tried to kiss Maddie and she gave him a proper right hook! Poor old Rockie.. I hope you all had a lovely weekend xoxo

Online Jumble Sale

Just a quick little post to let you know I have set up a online Jumble shop on a sister site 'Tigerlilly's Wardrobe'  I have only added three items so far but will be uploading more during the week.
Includes these Kurt Geiger Brouges for only £20 (practically new!) - check it out! xoxo


A Little about me

I have noticed a have had a few more followers and alot more blog hits of late so I thought I would introduce myself again :) Hi!

My name is Fritha Moonbeatle Tigerlilly Quinn Strickland
I am 25
My family is my boyfriend Tom and my two cats Maddie and Rockie
As well as that I have two brothers and two sisters (and a mum and dad of course) 
I am a life long vegetarian 
I am an illustrator 
I am impatient (but am working on it)
I smile too much around new people (can one smile too much? I feel like I do!..it sometimes hurts my cheeks)
I dont like beetroot 
I do like pasta (I eat it at least twice a week..more if I was aloud)
When I was younger I used to be a competitive swimmer
I havnt been swimming in more than a year..
I really want to be a mama some day (soon) 
Tom and I have picked out both our perfect boy and girl names (ages ago and agreed almost straight away- go team!)
I harbour a not so secret desire to be a house-girlfriend
But think that I may have a slightly romanticised idea of what this entails (I picture basically my life now but without the office part and baking cupcakes, I know this is not a reality)
I have an 'eclectic' taste in music which varies from Electro such as The Knife, bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, guilty pleasures such as MCR and (not sure how you would define) musicians such as Regina Spector and SIA and pure pop indulgences such as Girls Aloud, ha!
Until very recently I would have described myself as completely and utterly, painfully shy 
But now I realise it just depends on the people you meet (there is no point trying to make people like you)
I am constantly amazed/overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers

Photography by Heidi Elton
Thanks for reading! I would love to find out about some of you! If you would like to link to your own blogs or let me know how you came across my site that would be truly lovely. Have a great weekend! xoxo

Gypsy House

I'm sure if I had my own way our house would be this colourful, luckily I have Tom to reign me in a little. Even so our front room is a very bright shade of turquoise (our home isn't quite finished yet but we are getting there!) when it is I will for sure do a house tour!

Via here

30 Day Song Challenge - A Song You Can Dance To

10 Things I Love Friday 26/03/2011

Tom told me that my blog is seriously lacking in fashion and art posts recently and I guess he is right! Having a social life of late has effected my productivity and I hadn't picked up a pencil in a couple of weeks, I have recently been commissioned on such a sweet illustration though so I am looking forward to getting on with that this weekend :)
In the mean time here are 10 things I love..
Chris Benz lookbook - so pretty..
this is quite simply amazing!
This beautiful illo by Julia Humpfer
Such a lovely sentiment (and illo of course) by Freya
oh so pretty 
I love this photoshoot! 
Love the styling on this website
who can resist a bear in a jumper?!
This vintage book cover is simply perfect!
 Hope you all have a lovely weekend! xoxo
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