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Recently I was commissioned by Amelia's magazine to do some illustrations to accompany Hanna Bullivents Eco Luxe article.

I recently blogged about my discovery of the website Fashion Conscience who are fast becoming my favorite online retailer.  Fair and True are one of the brands that they show case and I was exited to illustrate some of their designs. The tribal patterns in their work really remind me of some of the clothes I used to wear as a small child! My mum is from South Africa and so I think a lot of my childhood wardrobe was scattered with tribal themed colours and patterns. Its odd but when I look at Fair and True's collection I feel very nostalgic!
I think I am in love with this skirt..not sure if the 25 year old me can pull it off colours this bright as well as the 5 year old me!
This is the illustration I did to accompany the article..

I also did a little illustration for the eco wedding designer Sanyukta Shrestha. This particular dress is made from 100% organic silk and organic fair trade cotton. 

I didn't really know much about organic silk so I did some research myself. Basically in normal silk production the silk worms are either dropped in boiling water to boil to death or steamed to death so that they don't break free from their cocoon's and damage the silk. With organic silk however the silk worms are aloud to break free from their cocoon's when ready and are left to live. Of course this does damage the fibers of the silk meaning more silk is needed to be produced making organic silk a more costly process. 

Simples, I know I will only be buying organic silk from now on (am now struggling to think of when I wear anything silk haha!). But like the above it would be a ethical choice for ones wedding dress, you could walk down the aile without thinking of all the little silk worms screams as they get boiled alive :) I am finding learning about ethical fashion so interesting. Like I said before I don't eat animals for personal, moral reasons but I really hadn't put as much thought in what goes into the process of the clothes I wear. Its so great to discover new, beautiful eco fashion labels.

On a lighter note, here are some other silly pictures of me wearing said item of clothing, thanks mum for digging them out!

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emma lewis said...

these are so cute! it often worries how often i see pictures of myself as a little girl and wish i still owned the clothes i was wearing back then in big size now....

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