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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hospital Food

'In your tribute album to the world

You must never forget
To sing the one about the cat
Who's always getting wet
He's always got a problem
He's a very bitter dude
And now he is complaining
'bout his hospital food' - The Eels - Hospital Food

If you follow me twitter you may or may not be aware that I have been in and out of hospital for the past few week for check ups. The reason for this is that I am having an operation this Tuesday..
Around September/October time I found a lump in my (in real life I would say 'boob' here but when I went to write it I suddenly came over all prudish ha!) breast. I got it checked out and was told to come back in a couple of weeks if it was still there, which it was.
I was then referred to a specialist who did alot of painful tests which included a giant needle gun being fired through my skin to take samples..(they remarked how brave I was through this as some people faint..but then again they do probably say that to everyone). And I had to wait a few weeks for the results.
When the results finally came I was called into the hospital again to discuss them with the doctor who told me it was a benign lump that could be removed if I wanted it to be but wouldn't cause any damage if I didn't. I was told to go away and think about what I wanted to do for a week and get back to them.
It was about this time I found out I was pregnant so that kind of made my decision for me.
Since Christmas I have decided to get it taken out (as it is painful and has got bigger but I have been reassured it is still nothing to worry about, phew!). I have to admit though I am really scared about the operation, although I know I will feel better afterwards and my mind will be at rest. I know I am lucky that it was a positive outcome too of course..

I have never had general anesthetic and to date have been to the hospital for the following reasons:

Meningococcal Septicaemia aged 8 (almost died)
A head on (very fast) collision in a car (neck brace)
Being spiked with Rohypnol (sick)
Most recently our loss over Christmas

I was born at home so I don't even really associate hospitals with happy times either they are just sad/bad places to me that I very much do not like! I guess I am working myself up a little but I just wanted to vent/share I guess!

Have any of you had general anesthetic before? What was it like? xoxo


Rachel Clare Price said...

Eee can't believe you were spiked -thats awful! :( Only time I was in hospital was when I got thrown off a horse (apparently a major overreaction to what turned out to be some bruising)

Hope youre ok and the op goes well! we'll be thinking of you x x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

urgh Rach some people are just plain horrible! Luckily my best friend found me and called an abulance :)

Haha aww poor you, do you ride lots? Horses scare me a little xx

Rachel Clare Price said...

I used to ride all the time - unfortunately horses dont spend much time in my little corner of newcastle sob sob, I miss it though xx

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