Twitter Meet Up - 23/03/2011

I have mentioned before quite a few times about how I have struggled to meet people after moving to the city. Not that Bristol isn't a friendly city, I think its probably the friendliest in fact (but I am bias) I have found it hard to meet like minded people.
Anywhoo as you may know I am a twitter addict and I'm not ashamed to say that I have met some genuinely amazing people and made some true friends. People who will take time out to contact you when you are feeling low /make you laugh or help you out with recommendations or opportunities or just general chit chat! 

The lovely Nancy arranged a Bristol 'tweet up' for Bristol based bloggers and tweeters, a mixture of writers/journalists/bloggers, knitters, and foodies! (and me the illustrator).
I had met Nancy in 'real life' before so now she feels like an old friend ha!. We met at the Lido where I had never been, but always meant to. My gosh it is beautiful there! When I arrived I recognised Martin (who I had met before) and Jo (who I immediately recognised due to the fact her beautiful baby was with her) and then by powers of deduction recognised her flat mate and best friend Graham
Martin and Jo sure did make a super cute baby. Hands down the prettiest girl baby in Bristol I'm sure :)

Me and Mersina (picture by Martin)

I also met Hels who I chat regularly to (after I met her through an illustration shout on twitter to accompany an article she was writing) on twitter and it was so nice to meet her properly. Both her and Nancy live very close to where I work so hopefully we will meet up again soon for more drinks. Hels has recently been away to Thailand and I am loving reading through her posts about her stay, you should hop over to her blog and take a read, its addictive! 
I was also really glad to meet Jo in person as we have also chatted on and off on twitter for months and months and I have followed her pregnancy story over on her blog for a while. Her flat mate/best friend Graham was also a pleasure to meet, I think their friendship and how they are enjoying their new little flatmate Mersina is really inspiring/lovely. I really loved this post from his blog, written shortly after M was born.

There were many other people that were new faces/names to me and it was so interesting to hear what they do and see how much we all had in common. Unfortunatly I didnt get to chat to all of them but am now following them on twitter and hope to meet up again soon :)
Martin who I had met before had a rather fleeting visit as he had a job to go to but it was nice to see all the family together and I got talking about knitting with
Sarah and Lucy which I really do want to learn how to do one of these days....

As usual I'm not the best writer, I do sort of have an idea of what I want to say and then it goes out all in the wrong order or confused but there you have it, a brief and un-eloquent detail of our twitter meet! And new friends that have been made.....yay! xoxo


Sarah said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you! I too found it hard to get to know people when I moved here, and it was knitting that helped me find my feet. Hopefully, we'll all be able to meet up again and get to know each other better! :-D

x x x

Joanna said...

The meet up was lots of fun and your post described the feel of it just beautifully. Great pictures too :) x

Sarah said...

Maybe we should all have a (Learn to) Knit (whilst drinking tea and eating cake) session soon? x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I am very much up for that! i got knitting needles for xmas as I am allways harping on about wanting to learn but never do!
Thanks for the nice comments about my post x

Hayley (@hayles) said...

Since I moved to Bristol, Twitter has been amazing for helping me meet people :) Glad you all had fun!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@hayles we will have to arrange another one and you should come along! x

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