Foggy brain and fleeting thoughts...

When I started this blog it was mainly image heavy with very little words other than 'so cute' or 'love this'. I thought the blog would be more of a Milk Tooths Rain kinda blog (that is brill btw), finding interesting things and posting them..maybe more of a tumblr I suppose. But I gradually starting mixing it with more personal posts or snippets of my life.
I think the turn around with how personal I wanted to make my blog was in January when I started posting very personal posts indeed! I was really worried initially and double checked with Tom whether he was comfortable with me doing so. I am so glad he was OK with it as I actually found it very therapeutic to just get it all out there and really found the response I got from it so supporting.
I think the main reason I had always been hesitant to write properly on my blog (personal or not) is that I am very conscious of how well I would be able to write. I have a high reading ability and would consider my self 'well read' but I actually suffer from both dyslexia and dyspraxia (seriously whoever chose those words to describe a condition where you find it hard to spell is a sadist!). I find it extremely frustrating when I want to use a word to describe something and either 'can not think of it - dyspracia' or 'cannot spell it - dyslexcia' it makes me fall back on simpler words or realise my sentace dint make any sense at all and scrap it!
After being diagnosed properly (at university) with low level Dyslexia and high level Dyspraxia I was told that suffering from a brain inflammation (the meningitis I spoke of brefly in this post) may quite possibly have caused this learning difficulty. This may or may not be true as I am also aware that a lot of creative people do also have these problems anyway.
I was really surprised/grateful therefore that when I said this post was badly written to be told by a few people that they liked my writing style. I would love love to be able to convey my thoughts in a beautiful way such as Helen Martin does (so image conjuring and dreamy/lovely) but actually I really cannot complain as I very happy to have the ability to do this through drawing instead.
Anyways like the title said this was yet another fleeting waffling of what is going on in my head at the moment! Other things that going on in my head at this moment in time include :
The macaroni cheese I am going to have for my lunch
If it will rain tomorrow on our trip to the Zoo
Cardboard moose heads..
...yer I told you I wasn't a deep thinker :)
Happy Friday! xxoo


gabrielle said...

Wow thanks so much for sharing. You write beautifully and it was really inspiring to hear your story.
I also love that picture! Soo pretty :)

nancy knits said...

my blog is changing too. i had wanted to keep it simple, with mainly images. but sometimes i feel i have a lot to say! i love reading your wordy posts as well as enjoying the image heavy ones. what i like most about your blog is your honesty which i think is what helped me want to get to know you in person. see you (in real life) soon! xxx

Unknown said...

thanks for the honest and sweet words you said.
I have problems in writing too...but only because english is not my mother language.
I like the changes in your blog and the "getting personal" writing, go on!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much girls :) I really really appreciate it. I'm so glad you like these posts! I'm so glad we are now real life friends Nancy! And thanks for being so sweet Gabrielle.
Coki your English is brilliant! And your blog is so inspiring! It makes me want to be creative as soon as I open the page, amazing! xoxo

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