Hello Saturday

Today as mentioned below has been sunny, Tom's mama has come to stay and they have been pottering around in the front garden, sprucing it up (which it was in desperate need of). I am ashamed to say I have spent most of the day in the living room listening to music and trying to spruce up my blog and get on with some design work, as well as many many cups of tea and a short book break and a nap. Yep very lazy, really I should be doing this in the garden..but I did have the big window open so that they can share my music and I can feel like I'm taking part..sitting on the sofa..on photoshop!

Aaanyway recently as it was cold and rainy and all I had been craving were potatoes and cheese and pasta (ok I always crave pasta) but now it is sunnier I am doing that predictable thing of wanting to be healthy all of a sudden! Yes I need to have glowing skin and be light and bouncy for the summer in the park! So yesterday I bought some quinoa! I have never (to my knowledge) eaten it before and I certainly have not cooked it but it looked like the optima of health. So I am going to give it a go. Upon googleing how to make it (isn't that funny that once we would have called our parents for this knowledge, now our first port of call is the Internet and youtube?). Glad I did though as I came upon this cute video from my new roots
such a cute video and a great blog for healthy recipes!
So yes i gave my blog a little spring clean, thoughts? I would love to know! I added another button too which is formspring one if you would like to ask me anything! (within reason!)
ahh can I tell you a secret? I do love the sun BUT sometimes when its a bit rainy i like that too, as an illustrator/graphic artist I like it because it makes me feel less bad about staying inside! Do you ever feel that way?
but no really, sun please stay!
also did you see how cute Mango's spring collection is at the moment? So retro and pretty pretty, here are a few of my favourites. 

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo


Michelle said...

These dresses are lovely, and yes I do love the rain too :)

ivana said...

wow I love that first Mango dress, haven't shopped there in a long time!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

yes they dont have one where I live unfortunately, the one thing that does annoy me is the sizes. I'm not sure how a 10 is a medium! :) x

Ivana said...

I noticed that earlier on asos. Since when is a 12 a large? hmm x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@ivana yes! When I was in their Barcelona store I tried on a 'small' and couldn't get it over my head! x

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