Bruce and the table

Its the last five day week before the bank holidays and I am so thankful they are quickly approaching! I keep having work dread (to the highest level, like waking up at 6 and thinking about all the things I need to do and what could go wrong). Reeeally silly I know as in the grand scheme of things it matters little. 

Yesterday Tom spotted this mid century teachers desk from Gumtree (we love that site). We have a dinning room table already but thought this one would be much nicer. I am still in the process of buying a desk for the spare room so now our previous dinning room table will be my (rather large) desk and this beauty will be our dinning room table.

So yesterday I called up the seller 'Bruce' to ask if it was still available - no answer, I left a message and sent a txt just in case.Three hours later I get a call from Bruce the conversation is quite normal and he says it is still available and when would we like to see it? I call Tom but realise he is in the front garden and tell Bruce I will call him back in ten minutes to confirm, my name is Fritha..F.R.I.T.H.A
Tom says we don't really need to go see it, if he is happy to deliver we will just take it
I call Bruce back - no answer
Bruce calls back half an hour later

Bruce - "did you call me?"

Me - "Yes this is Fritha"

Bruce -  "who?!"

Me - "Fritha..we spoke ten minutes ago?..yes Fritha...F.R.I.T.H.A...yes..we don't need to go see it we are quite happy to just take it as the pictures show if you are still happy to deliver?"

Bruce - "I'm not happy to sell it to you without you coming to see it first"

Me - "Oh..ok..urm well we are happy to just take it as the photos show?"

Bruce then spends about five minutes saying he couldn't possibly do this (our reason for not seeing it is that we don't drive and it would be a pain for us to travel to him btw)
eventually Bruce (quite upset now) says " I just don't know of anyone who would spend £450 and not come and see the product first?!"

Me - "I'm sorry? £450? Its £100 on Gumtree, I have the page open

Bruce - "NO its £450"

Me - "OH..well..I dont think..

Bruce "you wont get a good caravan for less than £450"

Me - "A caravan? I am calling about the desk we spoke about 10 minutes ago?
Bruce - " I do apologise, yes the desk is available still.."

Me - No problem Bruce, are you happy to deliver this still without us seeing it

Bruce "yes"

Bruce "don't think badly of me but I work during the weekend..Monday is my day off
Me - "..ok"

Bruce "I've been in the pub for five hours.."

Me - "that's quite alright Bruce..its a sunny day after all! I'll txt you my address, 7pm yes?

Bruce "yes I'll check my email in the morning"

Me - "I'm txting you"

Bruce -"yes sorry txt, see you tomorrow"

I *think* we are getting a mid century turquoise teachers desk delivered tonight, I'll let you know! xoxo


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

oops I deleted my comment by accident!
Anyway I meant to say Bruce sounds a litle bit crazy! Hope you dont come back with a caravan hehe ;)

nancy knits said...

haha, god knows what bruce will turn up at your house with! love the table :) x

Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

What a lovely desk. I think it will make a great dining table. Fingers crossed for you :)

Neon Whispers said...

Hahahha so funny! x

Anonymous said...

What an added extra - got to love the sellers. Bruce sounds like fun. I imagined in my head that he shouted when talking too. LOVE that table. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

hehe I'm glad everyone liked my Bruce story! You will be pleased to here the desk did turn up! And also Bruce was Indiana Jones! xx

Unknown said...

good luck! the table looks very lovely

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks @ivana and well done on setting up the exibition! :)

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