We watched the Darjeeling Limited and then i blogged about it

meh, often times lately..I have a love, hate, love, hate, love love relationship with the Internet. 
I love all the friends i've made, i love all the opportunities i have been given, i love all the support i have had and i actually really really love blogging..but there are times when i just want to throw my phone out the window and unplug the laptop.
I cant help myself but to have a quick peek at twitter when watching something like Glee or The Only Way Is Essex and then i am drawn in commenting on whats going on, sometimes i wish i could just watch things for the enjoyment of them (trashy TV or not) and not make it a participation exercise.
Checking my email, twitter, instagram and blog comments is the first thing i do upon waking up..i remember a time when i wouldn't know if someone had emailed me until gone 6 oclock that evening!
Sometimes i will read an email on my phone and then not respond to it for days as i am not on my laptop/i have forgotten about it/leaving it for later when i can sit down..if i leave unread it shows up on my phone screen as a red circle with increasing numbers like some nasty angry boil.
i have my favourite blogs i love and i save them on my book marks, sometimes if i havnt checked in on them all day i feel guilty..

On the flip side i do really enjoy all that the Internet and social networking has given me. I realise the irony as i write this ON MY BLOG and i'm sure as soon as i have posted it i will be eagerly waiting to see if anyone has commented on it. i love how my little blog has grown in just over a year and i love how it/twitter has brought together things like the 'Tea and Crayons Collective' and the tweet up that have meant i have made 'real' friends..

I don't suppose there is a moral to this little rant or an epilogue as such rather than i might try harder to divide my time..perhaps put more structure in the things i write rather than sporadic bursts of thought?
That being said, yes we did just watch the above named film, i did love it and i did quietly swoon over Jason schwartzman, Adam Brody and Owen Wilson (in that order). 

I also wanted to share with you these illustrations (although not inspired by the Darjeeling Limited but The Royal Tenenbaums - another Wes Anderson film) enjoy! (and maybe just ignore the above, its been one of those days) xoxo

 Margot Tenenbaum by dannybrito
 Margot Tenenbaum Paper Doll Print by claudiavarosio
found via


Skulls & Ponies said...

I feel exactly the same. I even got to the point where I had to delete my twitter account and banned myself from Facebook. Now I rarely use Facebook, have cut down my twitter (although lately I've been bad....) and try to keep my blog focussed on crafts. Nothing wrong with the personal touch but I think having some level of separation makes it seem less of a chore/addiction sometimes!!

Abby Illustration said...

Ahh, this sounds so familiar!

Sometimes I do feel guilty about my twitter/blogger/email addictions lol, especially when I'm meant to be watching a film and then start asking Mat what just happened.. or when he'd like to spend the evening with just me. But I do love the little community on twitter and I feel happy there lol. (How sad does this sound lol!)

I too check everything upon waking up, sometimes I even manage to wake up nice and early because I want to check my emails.. for now I will carry on though lol :)

nancy knits said...

ah yes, the highs and lows of the internet. it's funny as sometimes, if i'm feeling low, twitter is the best place to be as it can make me laugh, cheer me up or just generally distract me. but sometimes it's the worst place to be and i just feel stabby.

i have to say i'm not missing twitter at all at the moment. getting lots more work done and managing to keep in touch with IRL friends through text and e-mail while i inhabit hermit land. i'm aware i owe you a reply though!

but it's been very refreshing to step away and only check my phone once or twice a day for blog posts & instagram pics (and then more in the evening).

i got very good at not looking at my iPhone all the time as my ex hated it when i did. that's the one thing i do thank him for. it made me remember to be in the moment and not need to be with my phone every minute of every day. but i'm sure, once hard work is behind me and i'm ready to be distracted, i'll be back with vigour!

n x

nancy knits said...

ps i love love love your new blog design :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much for all your comments guys. I think its something we all struggle with now and again. I do love love social media but I am going to try and cap how much I am on it and use my time a little more wisely. After all its summer soon and I need to try and live in the 'now' a little more! If for nothing else I would have nothing to blog about if i didnt! hehe
lots of love xx

Anonymous said...

I feel this way about technology and the internet too. For instance I haven't made a blog post for nearly a month! And I feel so guilty about that.. I have also been off twitter for a few weeks and I feel like I'm losing touch with the creative world. There again if I was on my blog and on twitter I would feel guilty that I'm not spending quality time with my family. It sometimes feels as if I can't win. One day I will make a master plan and get the balance right. If someone comes up with one before me please let me know! ;)

P.s. I also love the new blog design :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@sketchbookartists yes! I will let you know :) and thanks for the blog design compliment xo

Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

I totally agree. I get Digital Exhaustion (as they call it) all the time and it's getting a bit ridiculous. I cram my brain with so much info that I'm exhausting myself. But on the flip side I love how I know and can do so much stuff and I love my digital life. But I too can't watch TV or a film without tweeting about it, it's like an addiction. I'm on twitter ALL DAY at work and I know it distracts me sometimes but also I find some really inspirational things that help my work too so it's give and take.

When I was on holiday last week I didn't use twitter at all; we had free wi-fi access so I used that to check emails (the joy of freelance) so I could have used twitter but I chose not to. And it was AMAZING. I didn't really miss it, because I was in a different setting and enjoying myself. Now I'm back I'm plunged back into this frantic world of sharing and absorbing (which is what it boils down to) and I already feel knackered. I think I need to take a step back a bit. Be analogue for a while. Hmm?

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@rachel thats exactly how I feel. You want to cram yourself with as much as possible and not miss out on anything! But its impossible without wearing yourself down mentally I think. You need to completely switch off sometimes. Maybe a curfew for the amount of time spent doing such things/make yourself go for a walk..something! xoxo

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@rachel thats exactly how I feel. You want to cram yourself with as much as possible and not miss out on anything! But its impossible without wearing yourself down mentally I think. You need to completely switch off sometimes. Maybe a curfew for the amount of time spent doing such things/make yourself go for a walk..something! xoxo

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