What I Wore 15/04/2011 and other stuff

What I wore today..um ok maaaainly Primark :s and my bracelets made me go all jingle jangley as I typed! Its only bliming Friday mon pals! Best day/evening of the week.
We went on a date night and I didn't even take any photos (progress) although I did tweet (when T was in away from the table) but either way I think I am improving my 'enjoying things for the moment' a little..maybe..however I am talking about it now..hmmm
What else happened this week? WELL Tea and Crayons are only going to be published in one of our absolute favourite magazines (more to come on that one). SO exited! I will show and tell as soon as I can!

I also met up with a pal and we talked about her recent engagement, she is having a Christian/Hindu wedding (morning Christian - afternoon Hindu) and I cant wait to see how pretty and colourful it will be. Tom and I live in a multi cultural area which has a multitude of creeds and colour and I really do love it. As a vegetarian there are SO many amazing places to eat around here including Cafe Maitreya which is the top vegetarian restaurant in the UK (as judged by the Vegetarian society). Our local shop is the Sweet Mart which is pretty much amazing if you love fresh organic produce, delicatessens and home made breads,pies,yummy stuff. Tom's favourite bit is the aisle with jars (sooo many jars of interesting things) we take pot luck as pretty much everything in there is vegetarian and then see what we get when were home! 

We live in a little cul de sac (is that how you spell it?) and have met everyone of our neighbours, occasionally the family across the road will knock on our door with their little kids and give us some of the cakes they have made over the weekend. And five minutes away there is a huge park where Tom sometimes plays football with his friends (against the Somalian kids - who beat them ha!) and both Tom's sisters live about 15 minutes walk away.
All the above reasons are why it really really bugs me that people look down on the area we live in. Yes there is poverty, yes if you walk ten minutes in the other direction from our house you may see someone who is quite likely a prostitute and yes there is crime. BUT I come from a picturesque welsh seaside town that has the highest rate of drug use in wales and there was prostitution and crime there too. I also know people who have been mugged in the wealthiest ares of Bristol. We bought a house in an 'up and coming area' and we realise its not without its faults but I am proud of where we live. Tomorrow Tom and I are helping our neighbours to garden and paint an area that has been unused for a while so that it can become a place people and children can play in and I think its community spirt like that that makes a place special, not the price of the cars on the street. 

I wore: OK lets say basically everything Primark apart from the cardigan (Fever London) and the boots (Fly London) eeep thats bad isn't it! They should pay me for this advertisement! haha

Also just for fun (after that rant an a half!) I made a silly little video of Maddie. This is what she does as soon as she see's us everyday. Sniff shoes, do that fainting cat thing, get up, sniff shoes, faint...go eat her crispies. Enjoy! xoxoxo

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