what I wore 17/04/2011

What I wore today :
Dress : Numph
Shrug : New Look
Tights : Primark
Sunglasses : ASOS
Wedges : Charity Shop (Office)

Today Tom is out helping with the painting and gardening mentioned in my post (a few posts down). I have been feeling a bit rubbish the past couple of days so am not up for much painting or gardening..I did bring them all Pineapples, Bananas and Oranges though! I didn't really photograph the skate park area as there were people there and was too shy. They also had a lady on a bike generating music, they all are very nice (as you would imagine from people helping out in the community) but I was too awkward to really say anything other than "I brought you fruit".

Happy Sunday! xoxo
oh yer I almost forgot to mention that my soundtrack today have been mostly 'Death Cab For Cutie' 'Sia' and 'Regina Spektor' but then this came on my itunes shuffle and i couldnt help but laugh and dance around my room. I defy you not to!


Abby Illustration said...

Wow, such a lovely project to be involved in! And never underestimate the importance of being the fruit bringing lady ;) I bet they loved you! :D

Also, oh my, you look stunning in the second photograph!! (and the others of course!) :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

ha thanks Abby! Now i'm home I'm like..dam I really fancy a bit of pineapple! And thanks for the lovely compliment! :D xx

Mrs. Biscuit said...

You look so beautiful sitting in the sunshine =)
Yay for boys doing yard work, friendly fruit offerings and your cute kitty cat!

Happy Sunday! I hope it's a good one!
<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

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