16 Weeks

p.s we got a fancy smancy new camera! so now our baby's photos wont be documented on my phone camera, I am pleased! xoxo



Although I am so so exited about my future family occasionally I get pangs of sadness that its not just going to be Tom and I anymore. Don't get me wrong, I cant wait to see how Tom and I will be as parents and I know I'm just going to love him even more seeing him being the brilliant dad I know he will be. But its also nice to appreciate the time we have together now.
I don't want to jinx things but I think I am really starting to feel a lot better now adays (which means I am a much nicer person too) and I can laugh and joke with Tom like I used to.
Its nice to reminisce sometimes about the fun times we have had but I know we will have even funner times in the future!
Love you Thomas Quinn xoxo


15 weeks

Sorry this post is a little late! The trouble is the new week always starts on a Wednesday which frankly is one of the most tiring days of the week if you ask me.
This week has been a really bad one, I've been knackered and on top of that really really sick (yep thats still happening..)
Anyways week 15 came around and I was just so tired it was bringing me to tears, not ideal for photos but I was really cross with myself as I was determined to do them on time each week. So last night I told Tom he had to take pics of me even if I was being a grump..then I went to bed. So this is what we have at week 15. At least there is a pretty cat. xoxo


Daddy's Day

Happy Daddy's Day Daddy!
Thank you for being such a fantastic dad. For raising us five children so well, for taking us to toddler groups and singing so enthusiastically. For making me mashed potato and watching Sesame Street with me. For helping us with our homework (and even designing maths computer games so that it would make it more fun for us). For making up silly songs and dances when cooking. For always putting your family before anything else. For making real coffee in the morning and bringing it me in bed when I visit. For the long talks about life we used to have in the car on the way to and from university each year. To teaching me the importance of kindness and being knowledgable about the issues in the world being more important than if I was pretty or not. For giving me such a high standards when it comes to finding a man that is as good and as kind as you (which I have finally found).
Thanks for being my daddy and I love you xxx

my dad and me



A little piece I did for Oxjam Bristol :)


If I ever do get married (and I'm not 100% sure I will or not) I would like my wedding dress to be from here please. s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g


14 weeks

The below picture is pretty funny, I look huge! But I'm not that big haha just the way my dress was lying I think! xoxo
I'm so glad I managed to get these in on time! I am knackered today (hence the sitting down) but was adamant I would get then taken on the right day, even if it is 10.30! 


Our Weekend in Pictures 11/6/2011

This Saturday Tom and I went to the St Werburgs annual fair. We got there just as it was opening at 12 (as I need to eat lunch pretty early these days) and I wanted to see what the fair had to offer in the way of yummy veggie food. There were quite a few people milling about already, but mostly families at this time of the day. It was good though as we got our pick of the stalls and bought our first item of baby clothing! It was the cutest knitted jumper with a hood and a front pocket in orange and yellow (so neutral). We had some testers of the yummiest jam and scones and ended up buying two jars, it was amazing. Tom said if I wasn't having his baby he would probably run off with the jam lady and they would eat jam and scones everyday. I wouldn't blame him they were that good.
Afterwards we got a savoury crepe and watched a few bands. We were pretty much ready to go but decided to have a little walk around the corner to Boiling Wells to see the kids sections and take a walk in the orchards. I'm so glad we did as we got to see Kid Carpet who was pretty much the best thing about the whole day. I really loved his whole show and cant wait for next year when we can actually go watch the kids show..with a kid!
 This is a picture of Tom (checked shirt) peddling one the bikes that generated the sound, and Kid Carpet singing a song about animals

We got home around 4pm where I had started to get quite a bad headache. This progressed throughout the day to a migraine. I had to take Monday off work (first sick day in 6 months) and still have a dull throbbing today. I was in so much pain yesterday that I called the doctors to ask if I could take anything stronger than paracetamol. She said no but wanted me to come in to test my blood pressure etc, to be honest this was the last thing I wanted to do as I could barely move. I asked her if there was a certain time that I should come in and she said no just 'some time' in the afternoon. When I got to the doctors at 1pm I checked in to be told by the receptionist that the doctor had got it wrong and I could come back after 5 if I wanted too. Suffice to say I didn't. Headaches/Migraines are quite common in pregnancy and I am having a midwifes appointment soon anyway. I was just really upset that I would be told to walk in to be send home again. The same doctor was extremely rude to me when I came to her with my first pregnancy. Asking if it was a 'happy thing' and making snide comments about my age (at the time 24). She even asked how long Tom and I had been trying and then said 'well luck you...I suppose you're very young though' in quite a deliberate dig.*Sigh*
Aaanyway here is a little video of Kid Carpet to make you smile :) xoxo


Ahhh baby animals

We have spent quite a lot of time at St Werburgs City Farm recently. The piglets and kids are out and they are sooo cute. Today is the annual fair and we are going to eat veggie chimichangas and ice cream..should my tummy be kind to me today.
Happy Saturday xoxo


12 Weeks

This post is a little late as I am actually 13 weeks on Wednesday but we didn't expect to be 12 weeks so soon (the scan put us forward 6 days!) I will try to be on time in future!
I know I am only 12 and a half weeks but I already have a little bump..ok so its probably just water retention but seriously I am not used to having a tummy. I am a bit of a hour glass/pear shape which means If I ever put on weight it only goes to my bum and my tummy is always the smallest part of me. 
I have also put on just over half a stone due to constantly eating to stave of the sickness, I'm quite tall (5.9) so its not hugely noticeable anywhere apart from my tummy :)
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