10 Things I Love Friday - Baby Edition!

I cant promise this blog isn't going to be taken over a little by baby fever
I haven't a done a 'ten things I love Friday' for so long so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a little over exited about baby things!
We are very lucky that there is very little we will actually need to buy, Tom's sister has recently had a baby and so we will be able to borrow a lot of bits and pieces from her and my mum has boxes of the most beautiful vintage toys and books. We also have an abundance of clothes in both sexes from family (although we may buy a few special pieces just for fun).
The only thing we don't have is a cot, however this isn't actually going to be an issue for us as we are going to be co-sleeping. We are thinking of possibly buying a co-sleeper attachment like this (not necessarily that model) but it is a middle ground between the two. We have done lots of research on the subject and think that it is definitely for us. My mum actually bought us a book by Dr Sarah Buckley which has a great chapter on Co-sleeping if any of you are interested. Here is an extract.
Despite the fact we dont need much its not going to stop me from gushing at cute baby stuff!
This super cute fox
Frankly this is amazing..ok its $295 worth of amazing so will only be rocking in my dreams!
love hand knitted baby stuff, I really do need to learn to knit..
so pretty, I want to make sure baby has lots of handmade toys :)
cloth nappies come in such pretty colours :) these are from bum genius 
vintage baby books ahh :)
baby swim suits
dressing like a bubble bee yes!
just baby clothes in general!
hehe I couldn't resist!


Unknown said...

eeek... such cute things! makes me (almost) want another one ;)

and I had those nappies with my youngest - they're fab :)

Unknown said...

That kid in the shark outfit is so cute. I would totally put my cats in shark outfits if I could.

Georgia Coote said...

Ah! So many lovely things - I've never heard of a co-sleeper attachment before, oh i love the idea of that, will have tolook it to it. xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@polly I love the idea of cloth nappies, I'm glad you said they are good. We will have disposables on hand for emergencies though i think :)
@attackoftheraebot haha me too!especially rockie!
@Georgia yay! I'm so glad I know someone else you is pregnant we will have to exchange tips and all the rest when it gets to it! xoxo

Bianca said...

Congratulations on your fab news! Ooooh you have found some gorgeous baby clothes! Makes me want to get out my sewing machine right now (but i've been told i'm not allowed on such a warm sunny day) - so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I've been making baby clothes in excess since my friend had a baby earlier this year and i've been blogging about them here: http://backtobobs.wordpress.com/ And i'm always looking for more projects so if you'd like an outfit for the little bump on the way, i'd be happy to make something for a fellow Bristol lady. :)

Abby Illustration said...

These are all amazing Fritha!!

Ohhh it doesn't surprise me that you want to do the co-sleeper thing! So cool, you're going to be the best mummy ever!

Oooh and you have that amazing baby shot close by to go to now :D this makes me so broody lol :) xx

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