Our Weekend in Pictures 11/6/2011

This Saturday Tom and I went to the St Werburgs annual fair. We got there just as it was opening at 12 (as I need to eat lunch pretty early these days) and I wanted to see what the fair had to offer in the way of yummy veggie food. There were quite a few people milling about already, but mostly families at this time of the day. It was good though as we got our pick of the stalls and bought our first item of baby clothing! It was the cutest knitted jumper with a hood and a front pocket in orange and yellow (so neutral). We had some testers of the yummiest jam and scones and ended up buying two jars, it was amazing. Tom said if I wasn't having his baby he would probably run off with the jam lady and they would eat jam and scones everyday. I wouldn't blame him they were that good.
Afterwards we got a savoury crepe and watched a few bands. We were pretty much ready to go but decided to have a little walk around the corner to Boiling Wells to see the kids sections and take a walk in the orchards. I'm so glad we did as we got to see Kid Carpet who was pretty much the best thing about the whole day. I really loved his whole show and cant wait for next year when we can actually go watch the kids show..with a kid!
 This is a picture of Tom (checked shirt) peddling one the bikes that generated the sound, and Kid Carpet singing a song about animals

We got home around 4pm where I had started to get quite a bad headache. This progressed throughout the day to a migraine. I had to take Monday off work (first sick day in 6 months) and still have a dull throbbing today. I was in so much pain yesterday that I called the doctors to ask if I could take anything stronger than paracetamol. She said no but wanted me to come in to test my blood pressure etc, to be honest this was the last thing I wanted to do as I could barely move. I asked her if there was a certain time that I should come in and she said no just 'some time' in the afternoon. When I got to the doctors at 1pm I checked in to be told by the receptionist that the doctor had got it wrong and I could come back after 5 if I wanted too. Suffice to say I didn't. Headaches/Migraines are quite common in pregnancy and I am having a midwifes appointment soon anyway. I was just really upset that I would be told to walk in to be send home again. The same doctor was extremely rude to me when I came to her with my first pregnancy. Asking if it was a 'happy thing' and making snide comments about my age (at the time 24). She even asked how long Tom and I had been trying and then said 'well luck you...I suppose you're very young though' in quite a deliberate dig.*Sigh*
Aaanyway here is a little video of Kid Carpet to make you smile :) xoxo


Bianca said...

I obviously didn't walk around enough cos I never found this part of the fair! Alas, it looked like so much fun!

I was sitting amongst the hula hoopers for a bit in the main area with the kids running around. They were frequently losing their helium balloons, I wonder how many replacement balloons were purchased that day to prevent tears!

We left around 5pm, was getting a bit *too* busy and lairy for my liking - preferred the first part of the day so I don't think you missed anything! :)

You'll have to post a pic of your little baby jumper, sounds cute!

Jess said...

lovely pics, you look so pretty in that dress! grrr @ snide comments you not 15 for gawds sake!!! I used to get that even though I was 27 having my first I looked about 18 ( wish I could still say the same ;)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Bianca, How funny we were there at the same time! (well I suppose not too strange as we both live in Bristol) We saw a huge line of people waiting to get in when we left to I think you might be right.
Will post pic of jumper soon!
@lil its crazy isnt it!they defo have a bee in their bonnet about anyone having kids in their twenties *sigh*

Bianca said...

I wonder why some people have such an issue with those who have children in their twenties?! Quite frankly I think it's just silly. My grandma had her children around the age of 22, my mum had hers from 27, it's hardly a generational thing, it's nothing new - it's been a very typical age to have children... for centuries I should think! :)

Hope the bump is treating you well. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Bianca, I know..really weird!I think the average age to have you first kid is 28? or so I heard, so shouldnt really be a shock to these people! However the midwives are lovely so I am just going to try and avoid seeing the Dr's a much as I can :) xx

Unknown said...

yey for the fair! hurrah for yummy jam and scones! looks so lovely! Hope your headaches are going away lovely so you don't have to go back to that nasty doctor! I can't believe how judgemental people are when they certainly needn't be! She ought to be ashamed! My mummy had me when she was 20 and it feels like a lovely age gap, my grandma and her had the same between them. Hope you have lots more lovely summer days and yey for next year when you'll be able to take the little one :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww thanks Natasha! xxx

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