For my sister-in-law who probably didn't believe I would put this picture up. Today I was caught red handed munching my way through a battenburg cake..after I had put away three cherry bakewells and a french fancy..
..hell if I cant do it now when can i?


Botanical Gardens

and of course madog had to take his owl

Today we have been hanging out with my family, my mum, dad, Serin and Madog. I'm not sure how I manage to be SO pale compared to everyone else, my iron count is really high so I'm not deficient in anything, I'm properly just a vampire. We had a lovely time at the university botanical gardens in Stoke Bishop.  Its nice to see my family as I hadn't seen Serin or my dad since christmas (I know I am a terrible daughter) its hard when your family live five hours away though! Hopefully they will be able to move closer soon which would be amazing for when the baby is born. I miss my family a lot when I don't see them! xoxo

24 weeks

This week I officially stated when I want to start my maternity leave, ten weeks to go! Its often the way that when you know your leaving somewhere you actually start to think you dont mind the place too much after all. But no, I am very excited to have the end in sight.
I'm really looking forward to getting the house in order, I think I can start to understand the nesting instinct already (although I'm not quite on the cleaning products frenzy yet). Although we are not having an actual nursery (we are hoping to have him sleep with us for the first year at least) I am still excited to set the spare room up with toys and books. My parents (the grumpy and ouma mentioned in the letter above) are visiting at the moment and brought down a few boxes of my old toys and books, there are some real gems in there that I cant wait to get out and look at properly. Tom's sister also brought round a few bags of baby clothes earlier in the week, including some dinosaur romper suits (who said boys clothes aren't fun?!) so its all getting quite exciting round here!

I've been thinking more and more about the actual birth lately. I am planning a home water birth, the thought of this makes me feel utterly calm and when I actually think of the birth i am more curious/excited then scared at this point. The only thing I am apprehensive about is if for any reason my pregnancy goes from a 'un-complicated' one to a 'complicated' and for any reason I am told I have to go into hospital. It is hugely important to me to be able to give birth at home so fingers crossed everything stays ok and I can go ahead with my planned home birth. I love reading birth stories on blogs and these are a couple that make me feel at ease when I think about the actual event. 

Both Melissa from 'Dearbaby's birth stories here and here and

If anyone would like to recommend me some other inspiring birth stories that would be great! I have been talking with a few mama friends recently and I know lots of the time your birth plan can go completely out of the window and things can turn out far from how you planned. The most important thing is that you and your baba is safe but if I could have a nice experience too that would be ace, thanks ;) xoxo

 Note : top c/o of Abigail cardigan c/o Kimberly 


Digital Arts

I'm not sure how I managed to forget to post about this. I think I was going to attempt to scan in the actual piece rather than a photo but as my scanner is all kinds of rubbish at the moment I think I'll just settle with an Iphone pic.
I was pretty thrilled to be in Digital Arts with the Tea and Crayons girls. When I was a student I used to buy this magazine all the time for inspiration, I didn't think I would ever be in it!
you can read the article here . This is the illo I did of Kay
Thanks Digital Arts! xoxo


Lionheart illo part two

Lionheart illustrations part two.
This one is for a piece on Temperley, the image I was given was of a super delicate dress. It was quite hard knowing where to start on it as I am usually a girl of block colours and dark lines. I hope i got across how delicate and soft the fabric was! It's not my usual style but its fun to try new things from time to time!
p.s 24 weeks today! hopefully will get pictures in on time later..not in my jarmers! xoxo


Lionheart Magazine

The lovely Hels Martin, Editor of Lionheart magazine commissioned me to illustrate a couple of pieces for the first issue. I'm super excited to see Lionheart in print for many reasons, I think the subject matter in this type of publication speaks to me more than most magazines out there today. By this I mean articles about real people, alternative ways of life that are not consumer led and inspiring ideas and stories. The first issue will feature an interview with Miss James from Bleubird Vintage (who I may or may not be in awe of). Hels also asked me to write a piece about my pregnancy so far, its going to be so lovely to have something like this to keep hold of and look back on. I would share some of what I've written but I think its best to leave it as a surprise, I'll let you know when its available to buy!
In the meantime here are two illos I have done for seperate peices. The first is for her interview with Pat Albeck, you may (like me) remember her for her childrens book illustrations

but she is mostly famous for her pattern designs, I wanted the illustration to fit the period so my inspiration was old patten templates like the one below. I also wanted it to incorporate Pat's bright colours.
so this is what I came up with

It was fun drawing something so colourful!
I have another illustration to share with you but I'll save it for another post xoxo


our weekend in pictures 21/08/2011

My weekend was pretty much sleeping and eating..I'm becoming more and more like my cats everyday..especially my eyebrows which are growing at such an alarming rate I am worried they are going to take over my face. 
Saturday was spent trying to find me some new shoes (after my trusty sandals fell apart on Friday evening) but no luck, being in the centre of town on a weekend isn't a great experience anyway but its sucks even more seeing pretty dresses and having no idea if my body will ever fit into them again. I ended up getting in quite a grump about it which is silly I know.
The mister woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed and then we had ice creams at the park and fed the ducks with Tom's nephew and sister. Tom also got up to some DIY and we now how both our colourful chandeliers up!I'll take pics soon to show you how purdy they are.
Oh and thanks to I Love Crafty for pointing out to me I am in this months Clifton Life magazine! You can see the piece below, I think that's the first bit of press my actual blog has had, yay thanks CL! :)


23 Weeks

When I first told people I was pregnant a few suggested I stock up on jogging bottoms and baggy T-shirts. I thought 'there is NO way I am sacrificing my personal style no matter how big I get, you can still make an effort at all times'. And yet here I am at only 23 weeks not really caring that my weekly picture is in my jarmers with no make up.
Oh how things change..

note - Jarmer top -T-Shirt by me..crumbs of pastry on it..also by me


Our weekend in Pictures 13/08/2011

Practising! Little (or rather quite big actually) nephew Evan. He was so good and slept the entire night through, I do hope it runs in the genes. 
We were also meant to do a lot of house stuff today, I managed to clean the bathroom and have now slunk of to bed. It's tiring being pregnant sometimes! xoxo 


22 Weeks

Firstly I would just like to thank you for all the comments on my below post. I really feel honoured that so many of you shared your experiences with me either on here or via email and that a lot of you mums had felt the same way. When I pressed 'publish post' yesterday I spent a good few minutes hovering over the 'delete post' straight afterwards, I even thought if I publicly shared my fears people might think I'm not fit to be a mum. I'm so very grateful for the reaction to it so honestly thank you, thank you xoxo
This week has gone by in a bluuuur, going back to work after our week off was hard and I've even had my morning sickness return for a couple of days (thank you for going away again!). I am thinking more and more that I will probably start my maternity leave at 34 weeks. It would be great to hold out until 36 but as my office is up three flights of stairs even now I get to the top knackered and light headed. 
I tried to do my 22 week post on time this Wednesday but it all went a bit wrong and so I only managed to get Tom to snap this picture last night.
its not the best picture but a true representation of this week i think! I've been getting really bad cramps in my legs this week, so much that I will wake up at about 4am being in so much pain and not being able to move them at all! I'm hoping that it will ease off a bit soon but may bring it up with my midwife when I see her in a few weeks. I'm hoping it wont lead to varicose veins! I've also had quite a bit more heartburn, I've been practising my breathing that they taught in yoga a few time but when I tried to put it into practise one night this week when I was having particularly bad heartburn I found it didn't help at all. I couldn't stop focusing on the acid pain of heartburn..this does not bode well..more practise is need for sure!
The other thing we did this week was invest in some good headphones. We are hoping to introduce the baby to some music in the tummy but I've started to worry I'm not playing it the right stuff. What if he isn't into the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs'? 

p.s baby will stay a Papaya for the next three weeks! xoxo


Baby Brain

I had heard about 'baby brain' before but even so its still quite a shock to me to feel as if i am slowly loosing my mind..
On Saturday I went to Cardiff to visit my mum, my train was at 3.25 so i pretty much had all day to get ready for it. With this is mind I still managed to forget the actual time of my train and make up a new later time, when realising this was wrong i had 10 mins to run from my house to the station to get it.
I managed to make it with 1 min to spare and as I stood catching my breath realised slowly that i was on the wrong side of the platform (even though i would normally know which one to be on) as the train pulled up on the other side I yelled an embarrassing 'WAIT FOR ME!' and ran across as fast as i could (to the amusement of all the passengers and people on the station). Getting on the train (red faced and gasping for breath) I opened my suitcase to realise I had forgotten:
Spare underwear (I was staying away for two nights)
Knitting (I was hoping to finish my first project, a baby scarf)
I had also forgotten my phone charger but luckily Tom had remembered for me and put it in my bag.
It really is quite scary to become totally useless!
I am lucky that at least I know that I will one day get my mind back, it has been a small insight however into how my mum must be feeling (she is also suffering from memory loss/ability to function normally) and has spent the past 3.5 years trying to get an explanation from someone as to what she might have, despite working for the NHS most of her life I think she feels very let down with the service she has had. It seems like most will rather just say 'probably dementia' without looking at her notes or refuse tests for funding reasons) so its a long ongoing process *sigh*
anyway, 22 weeks today photos to follow later (if i remember.....) xoxo
NB I did buy new pants for anyone wondering!


An evening at Bristol Zoo Gardens

On Friday Tom and I went for a little evening date at Bristol Zoo gardens. It was nice to stroll around in the evening and see the animals, we really wanted to see the baby sloth but I think it was hiding with its mummy. My favourite was probably the Lemurs or the Meerkats. 
We ate pizza and lay on the grass whilst they played music and gave animal talks, I may have also had a veggie burger too (!) pizza scores 8/10 but i'm afraid to say the veggie burger was less tasty. 
We saw a bunch of people on first dates, I have to say that a date at the zoo would score pretty high for me, well done those guys.
And we saw three cats on our way home xoxo


Playing House

I love looking at Tom with his nephew and thinking about what a great dad he is going to be. It doesn't hurt that his nephew is pretty dam cute as well :)
 and then we play house :)

I cant wait for this to be us! xo
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