22 Weeks

Firstly I would just like to thank you for all the comments on my below post. I really feel honoured that so many of you shared your experiences with me either on here or via email and that a lot of you mums had felt the same way. When I pressed 'publish post' yesterday I spent a good few minutes hovering over the 'delete post' straight afterwards, I even thought if I publicly shared my fears people might think I'm not fit to be a mum. I'm so very grateful for the reaction to it so honestly thank you, thank you xoxo
This week has gone by in a bluuuur, going back to work after our week off was hard and I've even had my morning sickness return for a couple of days (thank you for going away again!). I am thinking more and more that I will probably start my maternity leave at 34 weeks. It would be great to hold out until 36 but as my office is up three flights of stairs even now I get to the top knackered and light headed. 
I tried to do my 22 week post on time this Wednesday but it all went a bit wrong and so I only managed to get Tom to snap this picture last night.
its not the best picture but a true representation of this week i think! I've been getting really bad cramps in my legs this week, so much that I will wake up at about 4am being in so much pain and not being able to move them at all! I'm hoping that it will ease off a bit soon but may bring it up with my midwife when I see her in a few weeks. I'm hoping it wont lead to varicose veins! I've also had quite a bit more heartburn, I've been practising my breathing that they taught in yoga a few time but when I tried to put it into practise one night this week when I was having particularly bad heartburn I found it didn't help at all. I couldn't stop focusing on the acid pain of heartburn..this does not bode well..more practise is need for sure!
The other thing we did this week was invest in some good headphones. We are hoping to introduce the baby to some music in the tummy but I've started to worry I'm not playing it the right stuff. What if he isn't into the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs'? 

p.s baby will stay a Papaya for the next three weeks! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Ahh heartburns a b****, there's no other word for it, mine always used to strike whilst I was in bed... only advice I can give is gaviscon is your friend and also try to sleep slighlty more upright maybe add a pillow? I ended up quite literally sleeping sitting up =/. Also looking forward to seeing pics of the babys room, bet you'll do a great job! :)

Ivana said...

I was told that eating bananas regularly helps to stop cramps. I used to wake up a lot with really bad cramps in my calf muscles and after I started eating bananas more often it stopped. May be worth giving it a go :)

Daria Hlazatova said...

Yeah yeah yeahs?? :) aren't they too loud? how about Belle and Sebastian? ;)

Isle of Tea said...

Such pretty pictures! Just lovely. :~}

Bianca said...

Oooh have you noticed your papaya responding to the music at all? I've heard they can be quite responsive to certain bands or genres - it must be fun testing them all out! I'm sure your bubs will have awesome taste in music as a result :)

I have terrible heartburn normally, so i have no idea how i'll cope when pregnant! When it's really bad I steer clear of coffee, orange juice and anything that's acidic, makes it sooo much worse!


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks for the tips ladies! I am going to try and eat more bananas. I literally had to sleep sitting up the other night which was no fun.
He seems to like most the music from the the Moshi Moshi B sides album! :) but yes maybe something more soothing, although I think he likes the bass :) xx

Georgia Coote said...

Oh my gosh am so with you on the leg cramps and heartburn! Was almost crying with pain last night with one leg, then I got it straight after in the other, so painful! And heartburn, is just ruining the massive plus side of being able to eat more, how annoying!! Will have to try the banana thing too :-) xx

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