Baby Brain

I had heard about 'baby brain' before but even so its still quite a shock to me to feel as if i am slowly loosing my mind..
On Saturday I went to Cardiff to visit my mum, my train was at 3.25 so i pretty much had all day to get ready for it. With this is mind I still managed to forget the actual time of my train and make up a new later time, when realising this was wrong i had 10 mins to run from my house to the station to get it.
I managed to make it with 1 min to spare and as I stood catching my breath realised slowly that i was on the wrong side of the platform (even though i would normally know which one to be on) as the train pulled up on the other side I yelled an embarrassing 'WAIT FOR ME!' and ran across as fast as i could (to the amusement of all the passengers and people on the station). Getting on the train (red faced and gasping for breath) I opened my suitcase to realise I had forgotten:
Spare underwear (I was staying away for two nights)
Knitting (I was hoping to finish my first project, a baby scarf)
I had also forgotten my phone charger but luckily Tom had remembered for me and put it in my bag.
It really is quite scary to become totally useless!
I am lucky that at least I know that I will one day get my mind back, it has been a small insight however into how my mum must be feeling (she is also suffering from memory loss/ability to function normally) and has spent the past 3.5 years trying to get an explanation from someone as to what she might have, despite working for the NHS most of her life I think she feels very let down with the service she has had. It seems like most will rather just say 'probably dementia' without looking at her notes or refuse tests for funding reasons) so its a long ongoing process *sigh*
anyway, 22 weeks today photos to follow later (if i remember.....) xoxo
NB I did buy new pants for anyone wondering!

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