29 Weeks

29 weeks today! This week have mainly been perfecting my waddle and going to bed before 9.30 (today is an exception as Glee is on!) I've been feeling a lot heavier and have a few back twinges but nothing to complain about too much (although you know I like to!) also here in the UK we are having a indian summer and its 28 degrees and its making me hot and bothered and making my hair go frizzy! 
I have a bit of holiday to use up before I go on leave so I'm taking a week off next week which i cant wait for! After that I only have about 4 weeks to go before my maternity starts, its crazy how things are now starting to happen. When you first find out you are pregnant 9 months (or 40 weeks) seems so far away and now I feel like the end is in sight! I wonder if I will miss being pregnant when this baby comes, the first 17 weeks of sickness and further three weeks or so of migraines it feels like hell. I had always looked forward to being pregnant and thought it would be something i would enjoy every minute of...not so. But after 20 weeks i can say i started to feel great and really enjoy it, yes i complain about being a little tired or days when i have bad leg cramps but other than that i am loving it. Feeling your baby move is the most amazing and comforting feeling ever, i may have wished a few times that Tom could have taken my sickness from me but i'm sure i wouldn't want to give up this feeling :)
A friend of mine told me the other day that she was 'born to be a mum as pregnancy came so naturally to her', which kinda annoyed me a little. I get what she was trying to say and I'm glad she loved it so much but does that mean mums who lose babies or suffer from morning sickness so bad they are hospitalised are not 'born to be mums'? I think the statement was a little insensitive, another friend of mine is 33 weeks pregnant and still being sick twice a day having a terrible time and i'm sure she will make just as a fantastic mum! ok rant over but if i cant rant on my own blog where can I? ;)
Well I hope all you people in the UK are enjoying the late summer! I for one can not wait for proper autumn, woolly tights, boots and coats!
p.s umm can you see how my tummy button has almost popped out!?


My Happy List

Its very easy to grumble about things sometimes (the fact that we just got a heatwave coming into October and its making me hot and bothered, having to walk three flights of stairs to my office or maybe just general house and life stresses). But sometimes its good to just sit back and think about all the good things you have in life and that are making you happy right now.

Here are ten things that are making me happy this week :

1, feeling my baby wriggle around in my tummy and respond to my touch
2, when my boyfriend will sing songs and replace most words with my name
3, our cats being big sillies (evidence above)
4, looking at baby books and day dreaming about reading them to our baby

5, when we switch off the TV and listen to music we love or had forgotten until that minute
6, breakfast in bed (even if i ruin the surprise by getting up and going to have a shower)
7, almost being late for the morning train because we both had to stop to play with the kitten we saw in our street
8, decaf coffee (its nice to be able to drink one hot drink as tea still makes me sick)
9, when my boyfriend talks about the things him and our son are going to do in the future (mainly involve making up songs about mummy, playing silly games and dancing like fools)
10, getting surprise letters in the post

Our life in pictures

If you follow me on instagram then I apologise if these pictures are old news but here are some pictures of our life in the past few weeks! Baby toys, cats, knitwear and vintage books xoxo


Emily the Pemily - Amor

I first wrote about Emily when my blog was all new (about a year and a bit ago) here. I fell in love with her moustache and 'amor' designs (look at her shop its so cute!). Since then we have chatted a bit through twitter and I have loved to see how her designs and business have grown. I was so touched when she sent me this lovely little baby grow in the post, it came with the most beautiful little note. Thank you Emily, I cant wait to put our baby in it! xoxo


Happy Birthday Rockie and Maddie

This weekend we celebrated Rockie and Maddie's 7th Birthday. I cant believe we haven't even had these kitties a year! We got them as rescue cats last October and I feel like we've had them in our lives forever. As both their birthdays fall around the same date in September we threw them a birthday party today complete with party hats. As you can see they loved their hats so much..we only managed to get one picture of Rockie as he was even less than impressed than Maddie. Ha! I love these fatties so much xoxo


28 Weeks

If you follow me on twitter you may have heard me moaning on and on about my leg problems for the past couple of days (sorry about that). I mentioned a while back about leg cramps but on Thursday night I got them so bad i literally woke up screaming (and swearing which i don't do that often, not because i'm against it particularly but i don't think i can pull cursing off very well) the initial pain was bearable but come Saturday the pain from the muscle strain got so much i actually found it painful to walk and near impossible to tackle stairs (worse down than up, i had to go sideways one at a time). Tom thought that stretching the muscle would make it better and it did a little so we decided to go for a short stroll. We went to the St Werburgs art trail with Tom's family and their friends, it was fun at first but soon enough the pain in my legs got too much to even walk up a single step to a front door. I should have mentioned how much i was hurting but being stupid I didn't want to cause a fuss and so just got gradually more and more miserable until by the time I told Tom i did want to go I burst into tears (it may not have helped that i was also overheated and hungry). I was frustrated with myself for letting myself get in that state without admitting I needed to slow down and I know now that in future if I feel like i've had enough i just need to say and not expect Tom to be a mind reader. After the crying incident I felt pretty bad, Tom wasn't to know that i was struggling and when i told him how hungry I was he made me my favourite dinner and put me to bed so I could watch the last few episodes of my current favourite box set Forbrydelsen (thanks again to Chrissy for sending it to me, you have made my evenings this past two weeks very happy!). My legs have got a little better today but still are very painful, I would love to put Deep Heat on them but as it has Ibuprofen in i'm not sure that i am allowed so I'm going to pick up some heat packs tomorrow instead. 
Other things to happen in that last week (I know its been so long since I've blogged)
Pregnancy Yoga - Is now fun, i've made a friend (who looks like Clémence Poésy) and I feel a lot better for it afterwards. 
I went to the knitting meet up (arranged by the lovely Bianca who makes the most amazing baby clothes) but only for a short while as it was raining and I had had little sleep the night before (nightmares). I hope to go again and stay for longer next time for sure. I also has an impromptu meet up with some old friends I hadn't seen for years, which was lovely, but staying up past 11pm on week night is now totally out for me! They are interviewing at work at the moment for my maternity cover which is good as its starting to feel more real that I really don't have much longer there at all! I got my letter through for my anti natal classes which start in a week, I've already booked to go on the NCT ones but thought it wouldn't hurt to go to both! The classes are local to me too so I'm hoping to meet some people and maybe make some friends. I cant wait for maternity leave to start, Tom and I are due to go to the Slow Club gig tonight but I'm not sure its going to happen, we bought the tickets about 6 months ago and the date was postponed, I think i thought that at 6 months pregnant it wouldn't be a huge problem but I didn't take into account dead legs, back ache and tiredness! 
Anyways, its the cats joint birthday today so I am off to give them their party hats and special treat food! Happy Sunday! xoxo

Crafty Like a Fox - Tote Bags!

So you may remember me asking you back here as to which design you think you would like to see on a tote bag. The outstanding winner was 'crafty like a fox' . I was really pleased that you all thought that one was the best as i was kinda hoping for that outcome. So today my order arrived and I have to say i think they look pretty cute! I can imagine using them as a bag for your knitting or groceries so you can display proudly that you are a crafty kinda person. I've been wanting to make wearable art for a while now but not had the funds to invest in the cost of printing them, really i still don't but sometimes you have to take that plunge or you go round and round in circles! Hopefully if these go well I can go onto some T-Shirt designs too as I have some fun ideas for cute tops!

The other designs that you guys told me you liked the most came up as my 'trailer park love' series and my 'lost without you' girls. I decided to make them into pocket mirrors as i think they translate well onto a smaller surface where as some of my designs wouldn't. I think having a little pocket sized piece of art to carry round is pretty cute too!

WELL that's my exciting news of branching out into bags and mirrors! The tote bags are £10 and pocket mirrors £2.50 but I'm having a little sale over on my shop with the code 'tigerlilly' for all my blog readers as a thank you. Just enter the code when promoted for 15% off!

Thanks so much for your support! xoxo


27 weeks

So my pregnancy app (yes i have two pregnancy apps on my iphone) and Babycentre email last week told me that your third trimester starts at 27 weeks and then I heard from someone else its really 28? Either way this post is quite few days late anyway so I'm saying i'm in my third trimester now and thats what i'm sticking to :)

I have certainly felt a change this week, totally exhausted and feeling very heavy! I have officially lost the ability to do up my own shoes and can no longer see my feet when I stand up. I am also two (two!!) stone heavier and weigh more than Tom or my dad (each not combined). I have been lucky enough to have not gained one single stretch mark on my tummy but made up for that with the ones on my legs and bum. (there goes my career as a bum model..unless they want me as a 'before' picture for 'severe cases of stretch marks') But I am really not hugely bothered about any of these things, the change in my body has left me fascinated rather than depressed if I'm totally honest. Since the age of 18 or so my body shape hasn't changed no matter what I do or don't eat, I mean I may have put on or lost a few pounds here or there but never enough to change my dress size. Putting on two stone and suddenly having boobs and a (rather sizeable) bum is a little odd, I'm not a huge fan of the instant boob job, only because they are heavy and give me back ache but its interesting suddenly having a cleavage. 

The baby is kicking and turning almost constantly now, i can feel when his head or foot is pressing against me which is another feeling i don't think i could ever describe. He also reacts when i press back, especially in the bath if i splash a bit of water he will kick kick back at me! 

I've always loved this baby but recently i feel like i am suddenly starting to realise how much i love this baby. I know when i meet him for the first time that it will be overwhelming but i think i am starting to get a sense of that already, like i always need to protect him and that he is the most important thing in the world. It scares me a little too as i wonder if i will be up to it, if i can give him absolutely everything he needs and deserves, i even start to worry about silly things about him being upset one day or if i would ever let him down and i panic that its a responsibility i cant live up to, that i don't deserve in a way..if that makes sense?
As i sit and write this my lovely giant cat Rockie sleeps beside me and i had to take some pictures of his silly face. Happy Saturday! xoxo

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