27 weeks

So my pregnancy app (yes i have two pregnancy apps on my iphone) and Babycentre email last week told me that your third trimester starts at 27 weeks and then I heard from someone else its really 28? Either way this post is quite few days late anyway so I'm saying i'm in my third trimester now and thats what i'm sticking to :)

I have certainly felt a change this week, totally exhausted and feeling very heavy! I have officially lost the ability to do up my own shoes and can no longer see my feet when I stand up. I am also two (two!!) stone heavier and weigh more than Tom or my dad (each not combined). I have been lucky enough to have not gained one single stretch mark on my tummy but made up for that with the ones on my legs and bum. (there goes my career as a bum model..unless they want me as a 'before' picture for 'severe cases of stretch marks') But I am really not hugely bothered about any of these things, the change in my body has left me fascinated rather than depressed if I'm totally honest. Since the age of 18 or so my body shape hasn't changed no matter what I do or don't eat, I mean I may have put on or lost a few pounds here or there but never enough to change my dress size. Putting on two stone and suddenly having boobs and a (rather sizeable) bum is a little odd, I'm not a huge fan of the instant boob job, only because they are heavy and give me back ache but its interesting suddenly having a cleavage. 

The baby is kicking and turning almost constantly now, i can feel when his head or foot is pressing against me which is another feeling i don't think i could ever describe. He also reacts when i press back, especially in the bath if i splash a bit of water he will kick kick back at me! 

I've always loved this baby but recently i feel like i am suddenly starting to realise how much i love this baby. I know when i meet him for the first time that it will be overwhelming but i think i am starting to get a sense of that already, like i always need to protect him and that he is the most important thing in the world. It scares me a little too as i wonder if i will be up to it, if i can give him absolutely everything he needs and deserves, i even start to worry about silly things about him being upset one day or if i would ever let him down and i panic that its a responsibility i cant live up to, that i don't deserve in a way..if that makes sense?
As i sit and write this my lovely giant cat Rockie sleeps beside me and i had to take some pictures of his silly face. Happy Saturday! xoxo


Hannah Sews said...

Hurray, congratulations on third trimester. Not long now! xx

RJ* said...

It's so nice you can love your little baby so much already. Happy third trimester! I just had a question; I've got two cats at home as well. But I always wonder, do yours loose a lot of hair too? I always think when I have a baby I don't know if I'm scared about hygiene. How do you do that? Are your cats outside as well, because mine aren't, they're always inside, maybe that's why I've always got hair everywhere?

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Jits ours are short hairs so they dont lose hair as much as a long hair cat would. We have a garden (although they are lazy and barely use it!) I guess we will have to hoover maybe a little more but its not a huge worry for us! :) xx

RJ* said...

Thanks a lot for your answer! I'm happy you're not worried about that! And you look - as always - very beautiful in your third trimester pictures. Have a great week! X

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