28 Weeks

If you follow me on twitter you may have heard me moaning on and on about my leg problems for the past couple of days (sorry about that). I mentioned a while back about leg cramps but on Thursday night I got them so bad i literally woke up screaming (and swearing which i don't do that often, not because i'm against it particularly but i don't think i can pull cursing off very well) the initial pain was bearable but come Saturday the pain from the muscle strain got so much i actually found it painful to walk and near impossible to tackle stairs (worse down than up, i had to go sideways one at a time). Tom thought that stretching the muscle would make it better and it did a little so we decided to go for a short stroll. We went to the St Werburgs art trail with Tom's family and their friends, it was fun at first but soon enough the pain in my legs got too much to even walk up a single step to a front door. I should have mentioned how much i was hurting but being stupid I didn't want to cause a fuss and so just got gradually more and more miserable until by the time I told Tom i did want to go I burst into tears (it may not have helped that i was also overheated and hungry). I was frustrated with myself for letting myself get in that state without admitting I needed to slow down and I know now that in future if I feel like i've had enough i just need to say and not expect Tom to be a mind reader. After the crying incident I felt pretty bad, Tom wasn't to know that i was struggling and when i told him how hungry I was he made me my favourite dinner and put me to bed so I could watch the last few episodes of my current favourite box set Forbrydelsen (thanks again to Chrissy for sending it to me, you have made my evenings this past two weeks very happy!). My legs have got a little better today but still are very painful, I would love to put Deep Heat on them but as it has Ibuprofen in i'm not sure that i am allowed so I'm going to pick up some heat packs tomorrow instead. 
Other things to happen in that last week (I know its been so long since I've blogged)
Pregnancy Yoga - Is now fun, i've made a friend (who looks like Clémence Poésy) and I feel a lot better for it afterwards. 
I went to the knitting meet up (arranged by the lovely Bianca who makes the most amazing baby clothes) but only for a short while as it was raining and I had had little sleep the night before (nightmares). I hope to go again and stay for longer next time for sure. I also has an impromptu meet up with some old friends I hadn't seen for years, which was lovely, but staying up past 11pm on week night is now totally out for me! They are interviewing at work at the moment for my maternity cover which is good as its starting to feel more real that I really don't have much longer there at all! I got my letter through for my anti natal classes which start in a week, I've already booked to go on the NCT ones but thought it wouldn't hurt to go to both! The classes are local to me too so I'm hoping to meet some people and maybe make some friends. I cant wait for maternity leave to start, Tom and I are due to go to the Slow Club gig tonight but I'm not sure its going to happen, we bought the tickets about 6 months ago and the date was postponed, I think i thought that at 6 months pregnant it wouldn't be a huge problem but I didn't take into account dead legs, back ache and tiredness! 
Anyways, its the cats joint birthday today so I am off to give them their party hats and special treat food! Happy Sunday! xoxo


SMS Style said...

Gosh I hope I look that neat at 28 weeks when I'm having a baby. You look great! xxx


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww thanks lady! xoxo

Red Boots said...

I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby too - due around 17th Dec! It's very exciting, isn't it? I've been thinking about going to pregnancy yoga because my poor back is struggling a bit with carrying a wriggly little baby. Is it worthwhile? x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...
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Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@red boots congrats! our due dates are so close! love your blog btw :)
I would defo recomend pregnancy yoga for your back, they teach you moves like 'the cat' which really help! x

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