My Happy List

Its very easy to grumble about things sometimes (the fact that we just got a heatwave coming into October and its making me hot and bothered, having to walk three flights of stairs to my office or maybe just general house and life stresses). But sometimes its good to just sit back and think about all the good things you have in life and that are making you happy right now.

Here are ten things that are making me happy this week :

1, feeling my baby wriggle around in my tummy and respond to my touch
2, when my boyfriend will sing songs and replace most words with my name
3, our cats being big sillies (evidence above)
4, looking at baby books and day dreaming about reading them to our baby

5, when we switch off the TV and listen to music we love or had forgotten until that minute
6, breakfast in bed (even if i ruin the surprise by getting up and going to have a shower)
7, almost being late for the morning train because we both had to stop to play with the kitten we saw in our street
8, decaf coffee (its nice to be able to drink one hot drink as tea still makes me sick)
9, when my boyfriend talks about the things him and our son are going to do in the future (mainly involve making up songs about mummy, playing silly games and dancing like fools)
10, getting surprise letters in the post


Joanna said...

That's so lovely, Fritha. I want to make a happiness list too x

Georgia Coote said...

Oh lovely happy list :-) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@jo you should, it makes you realise all the things you have that are great :) x
@georgia thank you x

Unknown said...

I love your silly cats hehe they look so happy :)

I Love Crafty said...


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