33 Weeks

I feel HUGE this week! and I still have a fair few weeks to go, I sleep about two hours at the most these days then i'm up to go to the loo or just lie awake for a bit sort of trying to find a comfy position to be in. This doesn't always mean I am in the best of moods all the time but I think I have been pretty good with my hormones so far. There have been no huge rows yet just maybe more silent sulking and snappy remarks here and there so I think thats pretty good going. 

Yesterday Tom and I went to our first NCT class which was really good, it was so relaxed and reassuring. The whole approach was so healthy and openminded and I went away feeling excited and positive which I think is how it should be! Tom was brilliant and really went for it and got stuck in with all the questions and activities. There were two other couples who were planning a home birth and the other three planning hospital or midwife leds births. Despite us all having different birth plans no one batted an eyelid at our choice for a home birth or made anything of it, we didn't get any 'you probably wont be able to anyway' or 'you'll end up in hospital' or 'your a bit too young, why don't you try with your next one?'. The teacher made us all feel confident at our abilities which isn't to say we should be disappointed if anything did change. We heard from each other about positive birth stories and not one person said 'don't expect that to happen to you' or 'you say that now but you'll change your mind' or other helpful pieces of advise. 

I have decided from now on that if people do just want to shoot me down or only give me negative 'advise' I will just have to say 'if you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all!' 
I now have four days left at work (!!) and am looking forward to maternity leave starting, at the same time it feels a bit weird, like it came too soon. I'm not sure I'm ready yet, how did it get to this stage already?! I mean, I know I'm having a baby in a few weeks but..I'm actually having a baby! you know!? I wonder if anyone ever feels totally ready? Part of one of the exercises we did involved our thoughts about after the birth, we all found we hadn't really thought that far ahead! It was interesting to see however that when put to the question more than half our class were considering co-sleeping (yet another area that people tend to get a lot of stick for so i've found!). 

All in all it was good to meet up with other first time parents and I'm so glad we signed up for NCT I really recommend it! 
p.s one of the books I have borrowed from the NCT library is Spiritual Midwifery I'll let you know how I get on with it! xoxo


Mrs. Biscuit said...

You look so cute! I love that you always tell us what fruit the baby is! I think it's such a fun way to get an accurate idea of how big your little one is!

The hubby and myself are not yet ready for a little one of our own, so it's always fun for me to live vicariously through other mamas! =)

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

lou said...

I am a HUGE fan of co-sleeping. Both boys slept with us until they were about 9 months old and then as the breast feeds were reduced as they were on to solid foods (weaning takes place about 6 months) they naturally didn't need so much feeding at night. So they slept in their cot and I went to them in the night. I carried on breast feeding until they were both toddlers. During the first 6 months, they are comforted, you get some sleep and all the more happier. I also recommend you get the book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Whisperer-Solves-Problems-Teaching-Questions/dp/0091902517/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319998099&sr=1-2 I only discovered it when C was 5 months old. It really helped me, but like all things, follow your own instinct. xLOu x

Lil said...

bah, ignore the "helpful advice" you do what feels right,home birth can be a fantastic experience and there is no reason not to try, yeah undoubtedly you will change your mind about some stuff ( ie I said I wouldn't give baby a dummy, that lasted about a week ) but so what? , a lot of people I know who were dead against co-sleeping actually did it for ages. i dont know why people have such a downer on it, seems they dont get the difference between, co-sleeping and " letting the baby come into bed cos its crying" if I had a penny for every time I heard " your'e making a rod for your own back" lol

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Mrs Biscuit thank you your sweet :) x
@Lou thanks for the book recomendation! I will check it out :) Its good to know you have a good experience with it and like you said its just important to follow your own insticts!
@lil you are so right! funny enough i'd never really thought about the dummy thing being a big deal but some people have strong opions on it dont they. Like you I will just see how it goes i think! xo

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