31 Weeks

By the time i get round to actually posting my weekly pictures I kind of forget what i've gotten up to during the week these days. All I know is this week I am getting a leetle (lot) more tired. I already spoke about our day out at the P&B shoot earlier in the week so I wont repeat myself but it really was such a lovely day and I cant wait for its release. Today I woke up in a proper grump and I have to admit I've not even shifted it now, I think I am getting frustrated with myself as I feel like there is so much to do before the baby is born and I just dont have the energy to do any of it! Tom has had to put up with quite a few snappy remarks from me today and has done an ace job at being patient and making me laugh..so um..sorry about that babe but hey I am growing our baby over here so expect a few more grumpy days and a few more snappy remarks, its my prerogative. 

One thing that did arrive this week was the birth pool! We bought the La Bassine in the end although there wasn't much between that one and the Birth Pool In A Box in terms or reviews but in the end La Bassine was on sale so it came down the £££.  I think we will have to blow it up some time this week to make sure its all working ok, it will be pretty funny to have a giant paddling pool in the corner of the living room ha! 

Whilst taking pictures this evening Tom let me take some snaps of him (a rarity and probably because he is a little scared of me today) maybe one day we can have a weekly picture together, although we would have to get the cats to take the pics.. 

p.s its little like autumn today! thank god, cold weather I miss and love you xoxo

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